Dec 29, 2014

Christmas and All Its Food.

Hello from the tail end of an extra long Christmas break.  

Today's a bonus day off for me and it's basically been the best of both worlds.  I'm in holiday mode and so's the traffic but with most things open and business as usual, I've actually been able to get quite a bit done.

That being said, I fully embraced the peaceful standstill Sydney found itself in over Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  It was meditative gazing at this tower of Toddler SSG's gifts, the calm before my toddler sized storm.

Not that the peace (or the tower for that matter) lasted long when Toddler SSG woke.  He was up to high doh over it being a special day filled with all the people he loves most.

Presents were opened and once the excitement over the wrapping and packaging subsided, his new toys were put to good use as a means to various mischievous ends.

Christmas Breakfast at Maccas under the watchful eye of our local constabulary.  

Traditions were observed in the form of a hotcake breakfast at our local McDonalds.

The official spearing of the first duck pancake of the meal.

And the non traditional took over for lunch which was a round of festive yum cha in China Town.

And the non official but equally important spearing of other foods.

Posing for a formal Christmas Day selife with mum?

My new Firefly frock from The Butterfly House was the perfect choice for Christmas Day.  Thanks for the heads up in your festive frock guide, Styling You! XXXX

Not a chance.  So much to see and seemingly so little time.

Morning tea with a side serve of toy tractor thanks to the toddler.

Boxing Day was saw me supplement every meal and snack with at least one of my Aunty's home made fruit mince pies.  They flew in with mum from Perth and it's proving difficult for me to stop opening the tin in which they arrived.

And then there was the tiramisu we found ourselves eating in lieu of mid morning coffees.  You do what you have to do when your favourite cafes are shut.

By the 27th, the Festivus of Food was taking its toll and I shopped the pantry and fridge to whip up a 'normal food' dinner of a slow cooked chicken curry.  I highly rate this MasterFoods mix.  It's got a bit of a cult following with the mothers of Instagram and rightly so.  Toddlers will eat any vegetable coated in this very moreish gravy.

Slow cooker switched on, it was time for a bit of cardio at the local shops where I found these cheap and cheerfuls at Lovisa.

Before celebrating how healthy I was being by not eating anything for a full 45 minutes with this brown rice, chicken and broccoli food court salad.

It was off to the pool later in the day for a family swim.

Before heading home (at last) to catch up on the mail.  My Furless Cosmetics brushes arrived.  I'm loving how soft they are and also that they are very well made for the price.

And then it was time for, you guessed it.  Afternoon tea.  Featuring my Aunty's home made shortbread this time.  Though I think I snuck in a fruit mince pie after this photo was taken.

All of which poses the question of how long after Christmas is it sill okay to be snacking on cake, biscuit and dessert?  Should I keep going until the first hot cross buns appear on the shelves at the supermarket?

Hope you've have had a lovely Christmas too!  If you're still on holidays, enjoy!!!!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas SSG! Look at toddler's pile of gifts, bet he loved seeing that on Christmas morning! :) Hope you had a few nice pressies too! :)

    I'm still happily eating Christmas cookies (after we had a cookie making and decorating blitz on Christmas eve!) and will be until the new year. Or until I eat them all, which to be honest won't be long...hubby went back to work but I am still staying home snacking on leftovers haha! :)


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