Dec 15, 2014

Stay Safe, Sydney.

The Sydney I know and love has become a darker place today.

Like millions of other Sydney siders this morning, I hit the road with nothing more than my mobile phone and a head full of thoughts for the coming day.  A bit tired from working the weekend, happy that the sun was out and forecast to be with us for the week, more than a little excited to be one day closer to the Christmas break but a bit panicked that the Christmas shopping wasn't anywhere near started.  A normal head full of thoughts in this crazy, loving and united city we're  all proud to call home.
But by mid morning, news of the siege on Martin Place broke on the television in the tea room and our world changed.  Our thoughts changed.  What we thought our city was changed.

The religious freedom and harmony we have taken for granted while the rest of the world has been in buried in zealotry and unspeakable violence sadly appears to have succumbed to the forces we have so far managed to keep from the blameless on Australian soil.  Over the coming days, tensions are going to rise with wounds old and new being violently opened.

Eerily, mobile phone networks appeared jammed as facebook, twitter and messaging services failed to transmit our thoughts, prayers and hopes for the innocent people involved.  And all we could to was listen to our radios or watch televisions for any news, any certainty as to why and for the fate of the hostages.  Despite the ability for us to check in and instagram wherever we are for coffee on a Monday morning, the exact number of hostages in the Lindt cafe remains agonizingly vague.

I have memories of being in the CBD during police drills for high security events.  George Street was effortlessly cleared as special vehicles and conveys took to the carriage ways with speed and precision.  I remember feeling safe and reassured that the drills were taking place.  Perhaps they were a bit over the top but better safe than sorry.

Unfortunately, the day for safe has arrived.

Stay safe, Sydney.  And stay united with your fellow Australians.


  1. Very well said. The Sydney I know and love has changed, but we need to stay united, stay strong and send out love to those involved (including police personnel). To think this is a few steps from my workplace is scary, we were sent home early. Sydney Strong!

  2. Couldn't have said it any better. My first thought on hearing it was of you and Ruth and all my other bloggy Sydney friends.
    I think the mobile service may have been jammed deliberately to stop communication from the Lindt cafe.


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