Dec 9, 2014

Storms Over Sydney. The Butterfly House.

Haven't the skies put on an amazing show for us over the last week?

From shelf clouds that rapidly changed to much needed cooling downpours,
Photo by Roland Taylor.
to amazing electric pink bolts of lightening, daily life has taken on an element of theatre.  The mundane activities of city life back lit by lightening or moodily shadowed by the cloudy grey skies.

The ups and downs of the weather have been reflected in my four seasons in one day approach to the day.

One minute I'm sipping a hot cup of my favourite Earl Grey from T2 to ward of the slight chill in the air.

Bayswater on Bayswater - the Mulberry bag on its namesake road in Surry Hills.

And then, an hour or two later, the sun's up, there's the beginnings of a breeze in the air and it's now perfect walking weather. I always enjoy my walks through Surry Hills and Darlinghurst. During the day because there's a quiet charm to the area that's quite different to the 'fancy but quirky night on the town' face that Surry Hills wears once the sun goes down.  

You never know what you'll see on a street in the area.

A packet of Tim Tams discarded halfway through.  A last minute snack before boot camp at Rushcutter's, perhaps?  They are tastier than those protein bars and probably contain just as much energy as they do.

A wellness centre for dogs that looks even fancier and intense than those for their human owners.

And the tree lined streets with their elegant terraces housing an eclectic mix of the big names in dining as well as yoga and pilates studios.

And just metres away from the tranquility sat this crane bucket, having a rest in the shade with its own can of Coke.

Because everyone loves a can of Coke in Kings Cross.

I might not have much (anything) sorted for Christmas Day but I do know what I'll be wearing thanks to Nikki's recent post on Styling You about What to Wear Christmas Day.  In her usual up beat, real-girl approach to fashion, Nikki's wrap up of the best frocks for the day features some great ideas for a wide range of body shapes and lifestyles with most price points represented.  What's more, practically everything is available online.

The dress that caught my eye was the Wendy dress ($80, 100% cotton)  by Firefly.  Firefly is stocked by Natalie at her online store, The Butterfly House.  The Butterfly House is based in Queensland and stocks a range of labels who focus on colour, fit and the use of natural fibres as much as possible.  In addition, The Butterfly House supports a number of animal charities (see the website for details) and fund raises by attending events and donating proceeds of sales made there.

Natalie is such a lovely lady.  Each piece featured online features helpful sizing hints and Natalie even emails customers personally to ensure that the sizes they've chosen are the best for them.

I was so in love with everything I saw online from Firefly that I also bought this dress, the Natalie Bangle ($80 viscose) in blue.

Bonita Lily bamboo T in green, $25 each.

In addition, Natalie also stocks some amazing bamboo tops by Bonita Lily.  What's not to like about wearing bamboo?  It's very comfortable, offers UV protection, repels moisture and is more wrinkle resistant than cotton.  And then there's all the planet friendly benefits too. It's 100% biodegradable, requires little pesticide use and returns 30% more oxygen to the air than trees.

Since doing my research on bamboo, I've become more aware of the toxic effects that disposable fashion has on the environment with its emphasis on cheap synthetic fabrics and often questionable work place practices.  I'm more determined than ever to shop more responsibly and to walk away from the cheap thrills in ladies wear.

A special thank you to Natalie at The Butterfly House for providing the bamboo top for review.

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  1. The weather has been very stormy here too lately! Haven't been seeing such beautiful photos though, stuck at home. That's the one good thing about working in the city when a storm hits - you get a beautiful dramatic view, even if it does jeopardise the trip home!

    Thanks for the introduction to the butterfly house too! :) They have some very cute dresses! I'm trying to break with tradition this year and not buy myself a new dress to celebrate Christmas in, and instead use one of my current wish I could be buying something pretty instead, haha!


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