Jan 3, 2015

A Summer's Day in Sydney.

Those hazy, lazy days of summer are officially here, Sydney.  Even though the festive break is almost over, it feels like the holidays have only just begun to me.  The pressure of Christmas is off, the dilemmas of New Years (what to do on the night of the eve and what to resolve to do for the coming year) are done and now all that's left to do is to enjoy the summer.

Summer is a break from the routine of the rest of the year.  The extra hours of sun afford you more time to get out and do things and the structured activities of the rest of the year tend to break for the long school holidays.

Toddler SSG and I went to The Grounds for breakfast today.  It was their first day back but you wouldn't have known it from the immaculate condition the gardens were in.

The coolness and shade of the early morning was perfect for exploring the gardens and plants.

As staff prepared the famous food carts with suitably summery fruit and drink.

I regret not waiting a while to see what was on offer on the carts but we were starving.

And in need of good coffee and baked goods.

The coffee's still excellent but the muffins were a little doughy today.  But perhaps my opinion was clouded on account of there being no croissants (almond or otherwise) ready for the early morning breakfast crowd.

There were all sorts of things for Toddler SSG to seek out and explore.  From the red telephone boxed ATM / money box,

to a special homestead and outdoor eating area just for children

and an animal enclosure featuring ducks, a rabbit, a shetland pony and a rooster who cock a doodled do on cue all morning.

No visit to The Grounds would be complete without a visit to the home of Kevin Bacon.

His do not disturb door gate was firmly shut but we managed to peer through a gap

to find Kevin having a bit of a splash in his trough.  Which wasn't a bad idea given how hot the morning was becoming.

We followed Kevin's lead and went for a swim before lunch.  I packed lunch and we sat in the outdoor area with lots of other like minded families.  Enjoying a welcoming afternoon breeze as we ate.  Some of us had the basic packed lunch option (cut fruit, heated up leftovers or a sandwich), others a fully catered event (rice cookers on the table surrounded by foil catering tins) whilst others legged it to the kiosk of icy poles, hot chips and lollies.

It was all good and it was all eaten with relish with that hunger you can only get from a swim on a summer's day.


  1. Dear SSG, I love The Grounds! Have only been once and just thought it was fantastic. Now I want to go again....
    Happy Summer Days to you! xx

  2. Oh we love the grounds! Can't wait until E is a bit older and can enjoy the play areas. Looks like a lovely day x

  3. hahahahahahahaha, Kevin Bacon! Hahahahahahahaha.
    As you can see, I don't get out much ...
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit


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