Jan 12, 2015

And Now They Are Two.

It's been a bit grey and blegh in Sydney, hasn't it?

But at least the drizzly start to the week delivered me a cup of coffee from my favourite cafe at work.  The girls are back from holidays at The Courtside Cafe and they're brewing as mean a coffee as they ever did.

It was a busy weekend here.  I had such a lovely time catching up with my mothers group friends at the parties scheduled over the weekend.  It still hasn't sunk in that our little ones are two.  The crying and poor sleep patterns we never thought we'd see the end of have given way to the big issues of toddler hood.  Actually, everything is a big issue when you're a toddler.  

One of the other lovely things about the two years we've shared as parents is the confidence we've all achieved with this parenting gig.  My friend and I (both mothers of boys) felt quite at ease helping a third friend's little girl out of a tight spot on a bouncy castle, I calmly oversaw some minor disputes over balloons and none of use were afraid to adopt 'calm tone' when trying to diffuse public tantrums.  There was also universal agreement that chocolate and Peppa Pig (for both parent and child) can turn just about any bad day around.

I also enjoyed reflecting on how different yet also how similar our two year olds are to the tiny little bundles we brought to that first mothers group meeting way back in January 2013.

But enough of the misty eyed reflections, this is how our weekend of parties played out.

The Greenwich Baths were the perfect place to be on a muggy Saturday morning.

The baths are located in a secluded little spot that's surrounded by waterfront houses and bobbing boats on the land.

And a view of the city skyline across the water.

There are deckchairs by the baths on which to sun yourself plus a bouncy castle next to the kiosk if you prefer.

The kiosk at the baths pumps out good coffee and light meals.

Which you can enjoy on the walkway overlooking the baths.

Sunday, however, did not start well.  The rain didn't let up and the challenge was on to make being stuck indoors less prison like than it was starting to feel by 8 am.  I won't lie, quite a few DVDs were involved.

And games of hide and seek involving lots of suspended disbelief.

Fortunately, the skies cleared enough for the last party of the weekend to get the go ahead.  Being a Sunday afternoon, the mood was mellow for all invited.  Parents sipped thoroughly deserved glasses of wine whilst toddlers were uncharacteristically silent and still  as they ate their frosted chocolate cake.  You're never too young to fall under the soothing spell of good cake.

Were you part of a mothers group?

Are you a regular at The Greenwich Baths?


  1. Am not yet a mum, but feel I am part of a mother's group...
    Really look forward to it, and enjoy reading your reflections. He is a lovely little man xx

  2. Aww how wonderful you are all still in touch after 2 years! Already our mothers group is getting smaller and smaller as everyone begins drifting back to work. I think for the big milestones though it would be lovely to catch up again! I think it's wonderful to make friends who are going through similar things in life with you, it really is.

  3. Most fabulous thing one of mums from our mothers group decreed was that we would never meet at our homes. so off we went around our mutual neighborhood. 13 babies being breast fed whilst we all had lunch at the bayview was our first experience 13 years ago... A few mums moved out of the area but 7 of us started swimming classes for our babies together when they were very young & we moved venues until we found the perfect one which was RALC.
    Mothers group was great & I met some lovely mums & dads.
    Love Greenwich Baths but due to very busy couple of years hadn't been there until just before Christmas. Loved the park that was totally fenced in near there for the kiddies that loved doing runners. Den x

  4. Have not visited for a while,but can see that your blog is alive and kicking :)
    Have a great day


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