Jan 1, 2015

Hello 2015. In Monochrome.

Happy New Year, everyone!!

We've had a lovely start to the year.  Up with the birds (and the police, again) for breakfast.

Followed by an early morning session on the slides before the heat took its grip on the day.

And then the planets aligned and I found myself at the revamped Macquarie Centre with both a parking space and VIP access to all the big names.

I'm getting this sinking feeling that I'm getting a bit old to be shopping at F21...

Possibly because everyone else was sleeping off hangovers from last night.  I, on the other hand, am so bright eyed and bushy tailed because my bottle of Moet is still chilling in the fridge.  I might get around to opening it over the Australia Day weekend or, let's be realistic, at Easter...

But back to the Mac Centre.  It's awfully slick and so easy to navigate because it's all split levels and wide walkways.  The decor is definitely on the glamorous side of things and to be honest, I like the look and the feel of the place over the dark rabbit warren (albeit a marbleised one) that is Westfield Sydney.

Shop?  Of course I did.  After those days of restraint over the last few days of 2014.  Unfortunately, nothing I bought was on sale but as they were things that needed to be bought, we're all good.

Kikki K DIY album in either black or white - $39.95.

I finally found the Kikki K black photo album I've been meaning to buy since last Christmas.  I'm using mine to collect our annual Santa photos for as long as Toddler SSG will allow me to take him to get them done.

Decorating last year's photo page with an Ikea coaster from last year's Christmas lunch table setting.

What do you reckon?  3 more years?  Was the 23 page album overkill and wishful thinking?

The photos are in and the album is now safely tucked away in its special Christmas bag ready for next year.

Uniqlo Rayon Volume Sleeveless blouses - $39.95 each.

After walking through both H&M and Forever 21 and feeling my age rather intensely (it's all the cut out bits in the clothes, they were making me dizzy), I stopped off at Uniqlo to embrace monochrome.
Today's heat made me realise that my wardrobe is severely deficient in sleeveless tops to wear to work.  I've been surviving on a rotating wardrobe of Ts from Mix and Emerson up until now but the time has come to add a few tailored pieces to the rota.

I think this is why I ended up with tops in two different sizes today.  Have you ever shared a changeroom with a toddler?  How did you survive?

The first thing I found were the Volume Sleeveless blouses which are very comfortable, don't appear to wrinkle and make bingo wing paranoia a non event.  I somehow managed to walk out of the shop with the off white version in a size too large and only realised after I cut the tag off.  I don't have it in me to return for an exchange so I'm learning to love the extra drape the larger size affords me.

For a true white option, there is this in a linen blend, also $39.90 but unfortunately not online and this was the last small in white at Macquarie.  Sorted for the new season in the work appropriate stakes.  And it's only the first day of the year.

While I'm here, let's recap New Year's Eve.  Which started at work (surprise, surprise).  It was actually a lovely day to be in though.  Everyone was in holiday mode and it was quiet enough for us to get things done and leave as soon as.

I wore this arm party courtesy of Forever 21, Lovisa and a backdrop of Oliver Brown chocolate.

And found my most favourite hair treatment made it to Special Buy status again at Aldi.

Joy indeed.  I also bought the Argan Oil which was $7.99 which makes it a ridiculously low fraction of what the salon stuff costs these days.  Run, don't walk.

I made it home in time to help Toddler SSG open his birthday presents.

Before we blew out the candles on his real birthday day cake.

Which wasn't actually a cake but rather a fancy lemon cheesecake I sourced from the aisles of Woolworths.

 It came in a glass ramekin and I added some colour themed candles.  Toddler SSG loved it all.

We then adjourned to the front garden for a bit of a drive in the Cozy Coupe.

Which I supervised in the company of the current Next catalogue.  Unfortunately, Next is out of these grey chino shorts in Toddler SSG's size.

And neither do they have this black shirt dress ($79) in his size.  But as luck would have it, they did in mine.  How convenient and true to my theme of monochromatic fashion purchases.

I really must go now.  Thank you all for your lovely comments on the New Year's Eve / year in review post.

Take care and much love!


  1. A wonderful start to the new year SSG! So glad toddler had a happy birthday! I wouldn't mind that cheesecake myself, very tasty looking! :)

    We had a BBQ to welcome in the new year, no shopping for me yet. I'm thinking next week the extra reductions will have started and the stores will have gotten quieter? Didn't think about today being a quiet day! Glad it was for you and you could do some shopping :)

  2. Gosh you've had a busy time with a birthday after all the seasonal festivities too, hope your little one had a fab day. I applaud you for shopping with a Toddler full stop, I wish I could do the same. I don't know why but the Mall sends my little man into a frenzy. There is no way I'd ever manage a changing room and stay clear-headed enough to check the garment size either :-) Wishing you the best 2015!

  3. F 21 and h&m have some good things if you can be bothered looking.
    Which, increasingly, I can't.
    Hny 2015 ssgs! Xxx

  4. Happy new year, I forced my daughter to look at the cosmetics in Aldi yesterday, and while she remained unconvinced by the foundation we did buy the primer which I am fervently hoping to be a budget version of smash box.

  5. Lovin' the Maccas opening picture! I have yet to purchase anything from H&M for myself. I think I just need time to explore it better. Happy new year!! And Happy birthday to toddler SSG.

  6. that shirt dress is amazing! i am eyeing on ASOS but i couldn't fork out the stupid pricetag for what it is so i will be waiting patiently for another shirt dress to come :) xx



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