Jan 7, 2015

MId Week News. Sigma v Furless, My Verdict.

It's Wednesday and we've all survived.  I'm not sure how but somehow appointments have been kept and a satisfying number of things have been crossed off various shopping and to do lists.  

Shame it's not the weekend already or even a short working week because I think I need a huge catch up sleep.  I don't think my desk is going to cut it for the level of sleep I'm requiring.

What sometimes works instead is a bit of a mental holiday via the blog.  So today's post is going to be more a bit tangential and completely trivial.

Say hello to the coolest sisters in law on the planet.  Cameron Diaz has just gotten married to Benji Madden and in typical Diaz style, it doesn't appear that she's sold the photos to any of the major celebrity glossip magazines.  

Nicole and Cameron, new sisters in law.
I so feel like joining in this Nicole Richie / Cameron Diaz high five.

With them but not quite... a photo of when I last wore my trusty hiking shoes.  Except that it wasn't on a nature reserve and I wasn't walking a dog.  Oh well.

It's not that I idolize these women, it's just that I admire the way that they lead lives on Planet Celebrity on their own terms.  They come across as down to earth and even self deprecating in their interviews and you don't get the impression that they're trying too hard to please anyone except the important people in their lives. I'll never look like either of them but I do like the way they dress both on duty and off.  Neither of them seem  to be chasing fame or public adoration too hard at all which makes them among the celebrities I actually like reading about.

Are you a mature, intelligent adult woman fan of any celebrities?  And by 'fan' I mean that you're genuinely happy at their good news and not wondering about any hidden agendas to the release of the said good news to the general public (new movie, new product, new scandal to recover from).  Yes, it is all trivial stuff about people we don't actually know but it can be a welcome reprieve from the bad news stories that the world seems to be drowning in at the moment.

If you don't mind me saying, I'm almost a celebrity myself.  At least with my local Australia Post Parcel Post delivery man.  Our professional relationship has reached a new level.  We've progressed from parcels being signed for on my behalf on the strength of him hearing signs of life in the house when the doorbell isn't answered (shower running, microwave beeping, toddler screeching), to being stopped on the road for parcel handover to... parcel delivery through an open car window as I was preparing to reverse down the driveway for the daycare / work run this morning.  That's pretty VIP service, Australia Post.  Thank you.

Sigma's packaging is pitch perfect for a cosmetic brand - lots of pink, black and white.

But what was in the box, I hear you ask?

Two new Sigma brushes from the Extravaganza range which is currently on sale.  I've linked to page one of the sale items on the Sigma site.  This brush purchase was my third.  I bought my current set of brushes from them 3 - 4 years ago and have been using them ever since.  The brushes are mostly natural fibred (unless stated otherwise for individual brushes) and cover every potential make up need you could think of.  Sigma started off as being very price competitive to MAC but I think they're now neck and neck.  In fact, a few of the special edition Sigma brushes are up to one and half times the price of MAC.

My only beef with Sigma's face brushes is that they do shed as they get on a bit.  Hence these replacement purchases of an Extravaganza powder brush and blush brush.  The Extravaganza range feature gold plated metal ferrules.  They usually retail for $53 USD each but in the sale, I got each for $36.80 USD.  Shipping sucked though, as $23 USD total....  But you know what's coming next .... it's still cheaper in AUD than if I were to buy the brushes in Australia.  Luxola does carry a limited range of Sigma but not many of the limited edition fancy metal plated brushes.

Prior to buying these Sigmas, I did try a couple of brushes from the Australian brand Furless.  Most brushes are in the $15 - $20 AUD range and are completely synthetic.  They are a solid make and super soft but unfortunately, too soft for me.  That sounds crazy but I had a hard time getting much colour pay off or build up when I used my powder and blush brushes.  In addition, the brushes weren't as full as I'm used to so they did feel strange to use.  This is all just me, I'm sure because everyone in beauty blogger world loves the brushes, seeing them as hitting that sweet note of great value and quality in the under $20 price range that you can't find at the major retailers.

Have you tried Sigma or Furless or both?  How did you rate each?  Which do you prefer?


  1. NOO idea what Stigma or Furless is, but I do know Cameron and Nicole and I LOVE both! I got the opportunity to sit FRONT ROW as Nicole Ritchie was interviewed in Vegas this past June at the Licensing Convention. I loved hearing her story of business success. She seems so lovely and approachable. And funny.
    You and I have so many of the same celeb crushes in common SSG.
    And Costco.
    We really must catch up for a IRL cuppa one day.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit
    PS three cheers for a great 2015

  2. Am writing this at 6.10pm as we're going out for dinner which means night off cooking!!! Yippee. Have always loved Cameron Diaz and have learnt to appreciate Nicole Ritchie. Have always liked Jennifer Aniston and love Sandra Bullock ( although that could have been triggered by court security officer at entrance to scanning machines asking me if I was her about 14 years ago). Decided flattery will get people everywhere!!!!Unlike me, Sandra keeps looking better!!! Den xxx

  3. Hi SSG, In terms of brushes, I was taught at a makeup course I did that synthetic brushes should only be used for liquid/cream products and natural fibre brushes for powder (the natural fibre picks up the powder whereas the acrylic does not). Also if your brushes are shedding its probably the glue deteriorating which could be due to the way you clean it. Never get water into the base of the brush (wash horizontally) then lay flat over the end of a counter top to dry. Hope that helps! x Also the MUA that ran the course recommended the Real Techniques brand (sold at Priceline) for a good quality low end brush. I bought some and I have had no shedding - so can definitely recommend https://www.priceline.com.au/search?keyword=Real+Techniques

  4. Hmmm still thinking. I like Monica belluci but then she's not Hollywood. I think they are just so overexposed that I feel like they're an acquaintance who keeps turning up at my door uninvited

  5. I am not terribly interested in celebrities, nor do I think about makeup brushes. I probably should give mine a clean though.
    Love reading your thoughts on things x

  6. I enjoy celebrity, although somehow missed out on the wedding!! So happy for them :)


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