Feb 13, 2015

Almost Voiceless.

Sometimes, you can't fight fate.  I've lost most of my voice despite today's intensive campaign against whatever dreadful lurgy has decided to wait until just the weekend to do its worst.

I started off with a bit of denial.  That tickle in my throat?  Meh.  Nothing a couple of Butter Menthol's won't fix.  The fact that they're sold in the confectionary aisle at the supermarket speaks volumes about their clinical efficacy...  The coffee?  It's Friday, it goes without saying that your last sentences of clear speech must be spent on ordering your usual.  The lipstick?  Because I was going to make it through the day looking brighter than I felt.

Speaking of makeup.  I'm still loving these Maybelline 24 hour Colour Stay lip duos.

And I've found a new best friend in Sephora's 5th Avenue eyeliner.  It's a wonderful deep grey, almost black but not as harsh.  It's a great option for day when you're wanting a bit of drama that won't flake off by lunchtime and also won't make you look like the young Avril Lavigne in her Sk8tr Boy days.  Avril's the only person I've seen who can pull that look off.

By lunchtime, anything I ate or drank tasted of Butter Menthol and I was choosing my words carefully because I didn't think I'd physically be able to say too many before the close of business.  Which is when I started downing honey and lemon juice spiked hot water.  I gasped a 'good bye and have a great weekend' to everyone at 4pm before hightailing it to daycare and then the shops.

For some serious intervention in the shape of soluble aspirin for gargles.

And Coke Zero, my Achilles heel in my eternal quest for cleaner eating.  The cans were on special but not refrigerated which is why I needed the bottle.  For the drive home.  I'm absolutely certain that Coke Zero has zero therapeutic effect on sore throats or semi lost voices but gee it tastes even better than usual when your taste buds and sense of smell are shot.

What a coincidence!  We're at the letter I....

One or all of which must have worked because I've made it to bedtime with enough voice for book time.

I is for icecream!

And enough insight to realise that a weekend without most of my voice is going go be a very challenging one as I attempt to parent my toddler.  I think alternate methods of communication are going to be the order of the day.  Like via shared ice creams.  Ice cream is the universal language of cool and soothing comfort, after all.

Have you ever had to look after a toddler without your voice?  How did you manage?  Did Peppa and Thomas do all the talking for you?

Have a lovely weekend.

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