Feb 17, 2015

Baking, Books and the Beckhams.

There's nothing like a sunny start to the working week to lift your spirits and help you find your get up and go.

Life is slowly getting back to normal at SSG Manor as we recover from our collective illnesses.  While the last couple of weeks have been challenging, I think it's been a great team effort to have pulled through as well as we have whilst managing to keep most things running as close to normal as possible.

It's all happening at work.  I finally got my ID and parking access for my second work site.  The passenger side of the front window is festooned with several VIP parking stickers and I'm crossing my fingers that the swipe will actually work next week.  Or else it will be take four at the parking office to get it reset...

After which I may literally have to find myself a corner to sit in and quietly go insane with frustration...

But let's not worry about what we can't change.

How are you going today?  It's my lady of leisure day and now that I've got my health back, I'm not going to let the day go to waste.

Treadmill action shot...

You know what they say about the gym.  If it's not on Instagram (no matter how blurry), you technically didn't train.  I'm feeling the love for the treadmill again.  I think the time apart has been good for us as a couple.  I'm actually liking my sprints these days, but I'll always love the recovery walks more.

Dinner is sorted thanks to my trusty slow cooker and emergency supplies of Japanese curry paste cubes.

Which has left me with plenty of time to sort through the week's parcels.  All of which relate to Toddler SSG, as a bit of a heads up.  

Have you heard about the 'Lost My Name' books?  They are personalised picture books for the under sixes and tell the story of a child's journey through a whimsical alphabet world in search of their name.  The hardcore PC may be mortally offended that the books are gender orientated but relax, the girls' book features a magenta cover.  No pink!!

Delivery world wide is free and the turnaround time really is less than a week for Australian orders.  Toddler SSG's book came a few days earlier than their anticipated delivery date.  He has a four letter first name and the book ended up costing $38.45 (I ordered the gift envelope as well which cost $4).

The books are beautiful.  They're soft cover, but a sturdy one at that.  The fly leaf features a personalised message to the owner of the book which you can edit on the website.  A witty reading guide is also included with each book.

I'm usually cynical about much of the advertising that clogs my Facebook feed but the ad for these books is one thing I'm very happy to have clicked on.  As an independent and self published enterprise, I wish the authors every success for the future of this business and am hoping that they'll come up with more personalised books in the future.

Okay.  Toddler SSG has wandered off for a moment.  Let's subtly segue to a more lady of leisure appropriate topic.

It's New York Fashion Week and gee I love that city.  I'm going to make it my mission to drop in on her sometime this year.  Despite the horrible exchange rate.  I'm even willing to go on a shopping ban to make it happen.  Watch this space.

Which brings me to the Beckhams.  I just can't help but like them.  Yes, they are from Planet Ridiculously Good Looking in the solar system of Impossibly Perfect Lives and that's all millions of light years away from my life but I still can't help but like them.  They just seem like the kind of people who'd be perfectly lovely if you ever got the chance to talk to them at the supermarket check out.  The kind who'd not make you feel self conscious as they wiped themselves down after your tub of sour cream somehow managed to explode over them in your eagerness to take a selfie with them.

I found these photos of the family in an article about Victoria Beckham's Fall/Winter 2015 show at New York Fashion Week and they were just what I needed to start today after the hectic pace of yesterday.


Children in the front row of Fashion Week shows.  It's wrong if the child clearly isn't comfortable or terrified.  Doubly wrong if they're decked out in sheer lacy bits over leggings in a New York winter.  Even if it is custom Wang.  I'm not naming names but the link is a good read if you're bored.

But it is touching and a testament to good parenting if your children are happy to be there for you, (old enough to be) behaving appropriately for the situation and dressed as sensibly for the weather as you can be as a member of one of fashion's first families.  It's also refreshing to allow your toddler girl to dress for her age and the weather.


This is my favourite photo of the Beckham children from their day out in support of their mum.  It's big brother Brooklyn carrying Harper out from the venue of their mother's show.  Fifteen year old boys get such a bad rap these days. I believe Harper's dress was from Bonpoint, the Tamara dress but is now sold out.  


It's almost an aside to talk about what Victoria wore but I love this look on her.  The label is going from strength to strength with each successive season.  Getting my hands on a piece is a long term fashion goal of mine.

Back to Toddler SSG's latest gets.

Crocs online has had a few 20% off promotions recently and I do believe they've just started a new one for children's clogs.  These yellow Handle It rain boots ($49.99 AUD regular price) are going to get a lot of puddle action this winter.  They look very easy to care for, no fabric at all and feature sturdy handles that make it easy to get them on and off and also to hang them up.  More importantly, they also look as comfortable for toddler feet as the original clogs.

They' also feature a reflective Crocs label over the heel.

You're never too young to feel The Force, especially when they light up with each step of your feet.

These Darth Vader clogs ($54.99 AUD before discount) were a no brainer.

This was my first order from Crocs and I was very impressed with the super fast turnaround time for my order.

One last thing before I disappear.  This has turned out to be a rather long post.

Today's day off baking project were these super easy Apple Muffins  featuring canned pie apple.

It's a two bowl recipe but on a day off, what's two bowls to wash up instead of just one?

Don't forget the cinnamon sugar on top!

May the rest of your week be brilliant!

Take care,


  1. You are truly a machine, SSG.
    I forgot to IG myself after crossfit. I looked badass in black.
    Re: NY and a VB dress - treat yo self.

  2. I'm glad you're recovering well! :)

    Baby T is over whatever horrible bug he caught the other week..and is teething terribly..so it's been a rough few weeks. But I know it will pass!

    Out of everything in your post, I had to comment on the name book! Isn't it a great idea? My bestie got me one for baby, it's a little advanced for him - the artwork is beautiful but the pages are 'busy' for a baby I think! Such a great idea, and he's going to enjoy it over the years! :)

  3. I love the Beckhams. So much. Never thought it could happen, but they just seem so (relatively) normal.


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