Mar 16, 2015

Favourites Old and New.

One of my favourite things about the beginning of a season is being able to rediscover old favourites from my wardrobe.

Jacket - Banana Republic, shift - Boden, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium.

I know I'm showing my age when I say this but gee, they don't make jackets like they used to.  This cropped military jacket is seven years young and a much nicer make than anything I've seen on the racks this year.  It was from Banana Republic's petite range and I found it on the bargain rack in a BR store in New York City, the one near Grand Central Station (if there is only one near Grand Central).  I only ever wore it with jeans when I first bought it.  Then I forgot I owned it for about three years.  Only to have rediscovered it recently as a flattering option to wear over shift dresses.  I teamed up the above with a pair of much loved Camper Mary Janes which also seem to have lasted seven years with barely a crease in their leather or a dent in their rubber soles.

Colourful Cupcakes at Kafeine.

My favourite cafe on Darling was filled with dozens of locals dressed in their coats and jackets too.  Actually, there probably a good few new visitors in the crowd as well because this particular cafe made it onto The Urban List's top ten cafes of the Inner West.  Seeing as it's not going to be a secret anymore, I might as well stop being coy.  Kafeine is this fabulous cafe's name.

We've only had one remotely chilly night this autumn but that was enough for me to make the switch from cold cereal and milk to hot toast and Nutella for breakfast.  Spreading tablespoons full of Nutella over multigrain toast looks so much more healthy than just eating said tablespoons full straight out of the jar, doesn't it?

The cooler weather and the assorted bugs that seem to have taken hold on SSG Manor this week will see Toddler SSG and I living large in the Manor loungeroom with our respective quiet time obsessions.  Mine is this collection of washi tape which I am in the process of applying to every spare inch of the photo scrap book I'm in the middle of.  Technically it's a quarter of the way through.  Where has this year gone?!?!

Wooden train set form Aldi.  I'm hoping Ikea's tracks will fit these.  If so, we will be well on the way to a seamless public transport system on the SSG Manor lounge room floor.

Toddler SSG's current obsession is this wooden train set.  We put it together yesterday and as acting Transport Minister, I sort of got there in the end.  The trains were running on the tracks, the bridges were in good repair with a smooth flow of traffic but I'll be damned if I know how to get the rail network to actually form a closed loop and connect up to the airport we built earlier.  Without cheating and going off to Ikea to buy spare train tracks...

Could this be a metaphor for big city public transport?

And on that note, stay warm and hoping your Monday evening is going along swimmingly.

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