Mar 6, 2015

Friday Afternoon Fatigue. A Blurry Show Down - Blur Perfectly by Aldi v Magic Blur by L'Oreal.

Don't you love it when life imitates art?

I've spent the afternoon in the world of  Vince Vaughn's classic stock photos.  You know how it is with mandatory online training for work.  Sure there is a lot of valuable information packed into each e-learning unit but don't the stock photos used to liven up proceedings make you want to cackle out loud in the middle of a room full of other people doing the same module on their desk tops?  I'm blaming intense sleep deprivation for this but after the fifth slide (of forty seven), Vince's head started to project itself onto the torso of every model smiling brightly out at me from each five bullet point training slide.

But I got there in the end.  At least for now.  I think I have another 15 training sessions to complete by the end of next week.  If one of the module authors actually uses a Vince stock photo in their content, I'll be beside myself.

But yes, in case you did ask, I am so happy it's Friday.  It's been a busy and tiring week and I'm looking forward to a few sleep ins now that the mornings are cooler and darker.

I put the yay into Friyay with this pretty frock from Brooks Brothers' outlet in Orlando.  Statement necklaces may not be part of the Brooks Brothers aesthetic but I love how they work (for me) with the summery colours at work in this fabric.  I'm making the most of  these last sunny and warm days of autumn by wearing as much colour as I can.

For my Friyay face, I tested out Aldi's Blur Perfectly blur cream.

How could I not rush out and get this special buy when a 25 ml tube costs $9.99 versus the $24.99 for a 30ml tube of L'Oreal's version?   I was surprised that both tubes contain almost the same volume of product given how small the Aldi tube appears in comparison.

Here's my take on a comparison of the two.

- both have a fine nozzled squeeze tube which is easy to use
- both are fragrance free
- looking at the ingredients panel, both are silicone heavy
- neither have SPF
- both come in one shade only
- both last through a 28C day, albeit spent mostly indoors but I still looked calm and in control after the drive to daycare for pick up.  Very important to look the goods in that particular situation....

- price, a huge difference
- Aldi's product is more liquid which means it blends in more easily on my skin than L'Oreal's
- I also need a tad more of the Aldi product per application but at this price, I'm not too fussed
- Aldi's is less drying which also means that it leaves my skin looking a bit dewy and pore heavy.  This may defeat the purpose of a skin perfecting lotion but could also be a useful property over the winter.
- as an extension of the above, my skin feels a different kind of velvety smooth when wearing the Aldi.  Think peach skin in one corner and a sofa newly upholstered in velvet brocade in the other.  Interesting skincare analogy for a cosmetic review but it's Friday and I'm sleep deprived and have come off hours of work training modules at the time of writing.
- my make up looks 'fresher' as opposed to the 'close but not perfect' finish that I get with L'Oreal.

The bottom line:
- I like them both but will be using Aldi's product over the winter
- just as well I bought two tubes yesterday.

Blur Perfectly was the first Aldi skincare  product I've ever tried and I'm pretty impressed with the performance.  I've seen their caviar line as a special buy every once in a while and based on this positive experience, I'm in.

And just like that, the weekend is here - cue comfy clothes, bare feet and the ever seductive seat of my sofa.  Though I might just get out of the house and down to Maccas in search of another tub of Big Mac Special Sauce.  It's the just the thing with home made chips and, rather perversely, fresh tomato slices.



  1. Love the dress and necklaces together - gorgeous!

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