Mar 24, 2015

Go, Go, Go.

We begin today with a working mother pity party for one.

While it's lovely never having a dull moment in my life these days, it's also pretty tiring.  I feel as if all I do each day is plan, problem solve, write lists, tick things off lists, look at my watch, curse the traffic all the while trying desperately to remember to mother and to breathe.  The drive home from daycare pick up is then spent in a state of relief and slight disbelief that the we all survived the day and are actually looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.  Admittedly, that looking forward bit only crosses my mind after baths and bed time books are done.  But still, better then than never at all.

I know, I know.  I should be living completely in the moment and not sweating the small stuff but old habits die hard.  Thirty something years of pretty much living my life on my terms is hard to give up.  I just need these little debriefs and pep talks every once in a while.

Today has thus been made my official day of deep breathing and just going with the flow (or lack thereof on Victoria Road this morning).  There's the usual gazillion things to do but I managed to find myself a moment during each 'to do' where my mind just paused.

I enjoyed wrestling with my fit ball at the gym this morning as Britney and Madge duetted on 'Me Against the Music'.

I should be doing this anyway but I was decisive and informed as I placed my early vote.  Afterward, I wrote mum's snail mail birthday card.  I added some photos of the adventures she's shared with Toddler SSG.  We text and send photos all the time but the experience of opening our cards and photos is something she treasures as well.

The traditional unravelling of the sticky tape on make up pencils bought from Priceline.  With bonus banana for energy and concentration....

As luck would have it (and it's rare that it doesn't...), I happened to be at Priceline for their 40% off beauty.  Sarah over at the gorgeous beauty and lifestyle blog More Than Adored recently posted a review and swatches of Maybelline's Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils.  The pencils retail for $9.99 but ended up being $5.99 each at the Priceline sale.  I loved that there are three reds in the range which is what I need for the cooler months.  I bought Light It  Up and Red Essential.  Both rich and wearable reds with a touch of shimmer.  The pencils apply colour richly, with a creamy lipstick finish which is a season appropriate contrast to the recent trend of glossy lip pencils.

Being Tuesday, lunch was a celebration of Good Food.  From the SMH supplement on my iPad mini to the sushi and a square of chocolate.

In other exciting news....

I'm heading to New York in just under 51 days!  I'll be there for a week and it's going to be busy.  Won't that make a refreshing change in content for the blog?  A bit of a reprieve from all the mum stuff I've been boring you with....

Getting the confirmation of my flights yesterday was the best thing that happened to my work in box all day, I reckon.

Are you in a go, go, go stage of your life right now?  How are you feeling and dealing?

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