Mar 19, 2015

Holiday Memories. Supermarket Finds.

I love holiday knick knacks.  I have fridge magnets from every city I've visited 'properly' ie on self funded travel and I've faced the wrath of customs with hand luggage containing boxes of tea or bags of chocolate and cake that I fell in love with whilst away.  It's the little things that I treasure the most and enjoy muling home.  I admire people who are able to find art or furniture on their travels, arrange to have it shipped home and then find that perfect spot in their home for it. 

Toddler SSG looks set to follow in my footsteps.  The postman delivered this gift from his favourite grand aunt (let's call her graunty) and grand uncle (which makes him gruncle) yesterday.  It's a pretty cool T shirt from New Zealand featuring a glow in the dark print that we're going to test out soon.  Toddler SSG's collection of graunty and gruncle travel gifts also includes a beautiful Russian spinning toy and a red double decker bus from London.

Oh and of course, how could I forget to mention his Sorcerer's Apprentice hat from Disney World?  Toddler SSG has taken to wearing it with everything at the moment.  There are moments when I rub my eyes and ask myself if there really was a blue hatted elf in yellow gum boots tramping around the study or whether I really should go and get my eyes checked again.

But back to graunty.  The thing that made me smile the most about catching up with her about the trip was how useful a gift I bought her was.  On my first trip to Orlando, part of my massive haul from the Premium Outlets was an all weather jacket for her from the Columbia brand.  It was actually a two in one arrangement where the liner was completely removable and was also designed to be worn separately.  It was the perfect thing to pack on an adventure trip to New Zealand purely because of its utility.  My aunt was also pretty chuffed that I'd managed to find it in fuchsia because she's always preferred a bit of colour in her outerwear.  Sisters being sisters, my mum has now decided she needs one too so I'll be on the lookout on my next trip.

Thankfully, Toddler SSG seems to have made a full recovery from his illness and we're aiming for him to be back at daycare with his friends on Friday.

In the meantime, we will continue to fight with each other for our fair share of snacks.  I often feel that I should qualify some of the goings on in my photos.  The coke zero was definitely mine.  I'm so proud of myself for only having a 200ml baby can once a week.  It's working out to be ridiculously more expensive doing things this way but my teeth are thanking me for it.

And we're back to our thrice daily / tds tooth brushing shenanigans.  Beauty bloggers, look away.  A few spritzes of thermal spring water followed by a swipe of toothpaste is the only way I'm managing to get the job done right now.

No Thursday post of mine would be complete without a round up of what went down on the previous day's Special Buys.  People of Top Ryde, you obviously love your winter sleep wear.  Mens, womens, girls, boys and toddlers - there was hardly anything left by the time I visited after work.

After some precarious bending into the deepest recesses of the Special Buys displays, I miraculously fished out one set of pyjamas for me ($14.99 flannel pants and modal top), a couple of bath robes for Toddler SSG ($11.99 each) and some bed socks for him as well ($2.99 per pair).

Put next Wednesday into your diaries if you're looking for bed linen because it's going to be sheet and quilt cover set day.  And the day the Aldi up the road from me opens....

Half price socks AND bonus Domino Stars!!!

I have one more supermarket PSA for you.  Woolies is doing a 50% off Bonds for man, woman and child promotion at the moment.  Ladies sport socks are now $6 per pack (either 2 or 3 pairs depending on the style) which means my days of saggy ankles at the gym are over.  If only it were that simple....

Are you a travel knick knack kind of person?  Better still, have you ever bought a beautiful piece of art or furniture whilst on holiday and then had it shipped back home?

Any exciting Aldi store openings around you?  Probably should rephrase that.  Are you excited about any Aldi store openings near you?


  1. I love love love aldi
    I am always excited about Aldi
    I love the moser roth chocolate and the pfeffernusse

  2. I collect Christmas decorations from my travels. Becomes a challenge to find one. If I can't a key ring will be converted. Also collect one for the kid as well. Something to give her when she moves out of home.

    Aldi have a et weather jacket with removable fleece up for sale tomorrow or next week. It is very handy whole your mum waits for her official one.


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