Mar 30, 2015

Monday Mornings.

The trick to Monday mornings is to start them off right.

Your method may vary but a red lip and good coffee are my current go tos.  I'm really loving those new Maybelline ColorDrama Intense Velvet lip pencils.  I'm wearing the shade Light It Up and if you knew what I looked like with 3 hours sleep and the dregs of a toddler day care bug before I put it on, you'll realise that the name does not lie.  I've also got a slick of a L'Oreal lip gloss over the top.  Haven't drug store reds really come into their own over the last few years?

Beads - Lovisa, black dress - Metalicus.

Red lips, red beads and a black dress - a combination guaranteed to make those eyes and teeth look whiter and brighter and the rest of you look more lively.

Now all I have to do is to keep it all together until the close of trade this afternoon.  At which time I'll be heading home for the comfort of my PJs and the excitement of a freshly delivered e-parcel from Metalicus....

SSG Manor is still in infirmary mode at the moment.  It's been that way for two weeks now and I'm now something of an expert in toddler pain and fever medication administration.  Just buy them both and in both flavours.  Specifically - both Panadol and Nurofen and in both strawberry and orange flavours.  Because the ones you haven't gone to the chemist for will be the only ones your toddler will take without a fuss.

We're hanging in there, Toddler SSG and I.  We're taking each day as it comes and being grateful for small gains in appetites and energy levels.  We're finding joy in the small things that unexpectedly brighten each day and counting down excitedly to exciting events ahead like Easter and trips abroad.  Did you know that it's even possible to have 4629 restaurants near a single hotel?  Me neither.

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