Mar 20, 2015

Tech Triumphs. A Program For Blissful Sleeping.

It's not often that I review apps on the blog but I've made an exception today because I've just found something that's been such a joy to use and that's solved all my multiple devices issues with such seamless simplicity it would be criminal to not share it with you.

PhotoSync is an app that allows you to wireless transfer photos and videos everywhere (that accepts photos and videos, that is).  I got it for my iPhone for $3.99 through the App Store.  It's greatest use for me is being able to transfer iPhone photos to my PC for blog posts.  PhotoSync opens up your photos according to the albums you may have divided them into and the interface is so easy and intuitive to use you can just open up your photos and start straight away.  No five minute video tutoriasl or googling for You Tube support necessary.  

As a Gmail account holder and Blogger platform blogger, I linked up my account to PhotoSync and transfer my photos to Picasa albums.  From there, it's just a matter of opening up blogger and accessing my photos from the drop menu.  So much less pain than anything else I've tried when attempting to blog on a PC with photos from my iPhone.

These were the very first photos I PhotoSynced.  Not terribly exciting, I know but it was so easy!

An aerial view of a dragon tree on the verandah that's been growing so well thank to all the water it's received from Toddler SSG's trusty blue watering can over the summer.

And yesterday's afternoon tea.  It was one of those trying days.  You know those days when everything that could go wrong does?  And it's never anyone's fault?  And how it's always you that has to spend hours trying to sort it all out with nothing more than vague fobbing off kind of instructions from the millions of people you've spent your day off phoning?

By the time 3.30pm rolled around, I was well and truly ready for a cup of tea and substantial nourishment in the form of a white bread roll thickly slathered in peanut butter and honey.  With a side of the current Donna Hay, of course.  There are so many chocolate based baking ideas in the issue that I want to try this Easter.  Pretzel topped chocolate cake or some salted caramel brownie squares, anyone?  I remember a celebrity personal trainer advising that if you're prepared to make it from scratch, you're allowed to eat it without guilt.  It's all good then, isn't it?

@medibank on Twitter
I did have one personal admin struggle that actually got resolved yesterday, though.  And via twitter, of all things!  A tweet to the Medibank account saw my query about a declined rebate immediately rectified.  Well played, Medibank and thanks for being so nice about it!
By the bed time rolled around, I was both exhausted and too keyed up about the day's frustrations to actually get to sleep.  As the hours of sleeplessness dragged on, I finally willed myself to get my headphones and iPhone so that I could put on the one thing that's always worked for me.  Circle and Bloom's Program for Blissful Sleeping.  It's a 20 minute audio program that costs $9.99 USD to download (I've linked to the site).  I've used it for a few years now and it's more effective than you might think.  Coming from a person like me who can have about 5 cups of tea and coffee per day plus or minus a coke zero, that's really saying something.

Basically, all you need to do is have an open mind and listen.  It is advised that you be lying down somewhere quiet and to definitely not be driving whilst playing the recording.  The aim of the recording is to relax you enough to be ready to sleep rather than to actually put you to sleep.  Joanne Verkullen is an excellent narrator and the accompanying sound track is more chimes and bells than music.  I'm still not sure if it's guided meditation or visualisation relaxation but it works for me and I'm still not sick of listening to it after all this time.

I first discovered Circle and Bloom during my IVF treatment and found that particular program a very positive yet relaxing part of each day of treatment.  It's always amazed me just how powerful a tool our minds are.  When our minds are calm, focused and free of fear the rest of our bodies follow suit.  Buying my Circle and Bloom recordings was probably the most empowering thing I have done for myself in both the IVF and insomnia aspects of my life.

Do you listen to meditations?  What are your favourites and how have they helped you?


  1. Gosh I have had the kind of week that sounds like the day you had that ended with the white roll and the PB! Thanks for linking to that audio meditation, I'll definitely check it out. I used Roy Masters' 'Be Still and Know' program which works a trick when you can't sleep. Have a lovely weekend SSG <3

  2. I have used "sleep better without drugs" by David Morawetz. Was good too.
    Take care and treat yo self.

  3. Sorry you've had a tough week Hun. I use the Mindiful hypnosis ap when I get insomnia x


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