Mar 26, 2015

The Weather - It's Glorious.

There's only one word for the weather in Sydney today.  Fantastic.  It's currently sunny with a touch of crisp coolness to the air.  The sun feels soft on your skin and it's such a joy to not be assaulted by a thick fog of humidity as you get on with your day in the great outdoors of suburbia.

It's summery enough to not be reaching for comfort carbs for morning tea.

Yet there's enough of a coolness to the evenings to make you want something involving a casserole for dinner.  I'm testing out a MasterFoods Oven Easy recipe base for dinner tonight.  I've added a bit of garlic, extra barbecue sauce and some honey to the base to accommodate the extra vegetables I'm hiding in my casserole dish.

The beauty of diners involving an oven is that you get to spend all that 'cooking time' doing other things outside of the kitchen.  I'm planning on simply gazing out the window as this glorious days draws to its end.

They were exciting times on Wednesday night after work.  As my mothers group's self appointed local area supermarket expert, it was my duty to pull into the underground car park of our new Aldi with the aim of reviewing the store for my friends.

It was a fruitful trip (pardon the pun but at least my photo does contain some Aldi kiwi fruit and fujis).  Our new store featured some super special discounts to celebrate the opening.  I reckon $5 was a pretty decent price to pay for a cast iron fry pan.  There were also chocolate and coffee samples, a full complement of all the current Aldi special buys and ... a large booze corner.  Which pretty much ticked all the boxes for the girls.

Lisa of Blithe Moments has been blogging about all things Easter on her blog at the moment.  She's featured a few Aldi products and one of her recommendations are the Moser Roth mini Easter eggs which retail for $2.99 per 150 g bag.  Being a joiner and fellow Aldi fan, I heeded her advice to stock up on the ganache eggs.  The 70% dark eggs are for medicinal purposes because I'm working half of Easter this year and am going to need all the anti oxidants, sugar and comfort food I can get my hands on.

For the non chocolate egg or hot cross bun component of the Easter long weekend, I found Toddler SSG a Spot Easter book ($4.99) and an Easter chicken painting set ($2.49).  We'll see how much paint actually ends up on our chickens and also if our chickens survive their makeovers.

Do you have any exciting / eggs-citing plans for Easter with your family?  Are you doing an egg hunt?  Making your own hot cross buns (full respect to you)?  Hand painting eggshells?

Take care and if you're in Sydney - get outside as soon as you can!

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