Mar 28, 2015

White Bread Saturday.

I know the weather's been glorious and I know that it's been election Saturday but today for me can be summed in the following two words - white bread.

I was struck down by a pretty bad case of food poisoning last night and it left me waking up this morning dramatically wondering if I'd survive the day.  I'll spare you the graphics but needless to say, eating today has been very guarded.  Instead of our usual breakfast out for baked goods and coffees, Toddler SSG and I breakfasted closer to home.  On the sofa sharing toast and trying to keep our fluid intake up.

By around 9, I was both getting a bit twitchy for my morning skinny cap and tired of plain black tea.  So I tried to change things up a little with a squirt of lemon juice in my tea.  Not my thing, I'm afraid.  I need the honey in the mix as well.

Then cabin fever struck and I made an Aldi run for a loaf of white bread which my stomach told me would be the only thing it would be reliably able to keep down for the rest of the day.  I've given my loaf of Aldi a bit of Daiso in the shape of a strawberry studded bag clip.  Speaking of Daiso, come April 1 our 'but it only cost $2.80' excuse for each item we put into our basket there isn't going to hold for everything.  According to this statement on their website, 4% of Daiso products will cost between $3.80 to $6.80.

It's going to be like the pricing system at sushi trains.  I'm not entirely sold on the new pricing but I'm also a little curious to see what will be on offer at the higher price points.  Which means, yeah, I'm still a Daiso fan.

Intrepid shopper that I am, I then dropped by Chatswood Chase wearing ... mum jeans, hiking shoes and a squeaky clean face.  And it was actually rather liberating to not feel obliged to be dressed to the nines for a weekend run to the shops.

And then it was back home for variations on a theme of white bread, roma tomatoes and butter.

One of the simple pleasures of life is lunching on a sandwich made up of fresh supermarket white bread, butter, a sliced tomato and a sprinkling of sea salt.  It's just all sorts of good and you just can't help but smile with each bite.

Then I got a bit fancy for dinner and turned my $5 Aldi cast iron fry pan into a sandwich press.

Apparently, weighing down your sandwich with a small pan helps give the bread the 'cafe look'.

 I burned my cheese and tomato toastie just a little but again, it was one of those simple meals that give you nothing but smiles.
I'm turning in early tonight with the latest Babylon book.  Coming on the end of a day of white bread sandwiches, it'll be an interesting read.

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  1. snap! I did a cheese and tomato toastie for dinner last night also!
    I am with you on a casually attired shopping expedition.


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