Apr 29, 2015

At Odds With the World. Self Gifting.

It just seems as if the last few weeks have been more harrowing than usual for the world as a whole.  There's just been devastation and loss everywhere in the headlines. Whether it is what humans have done to each other or what nature has done to humans, there have been many times that we've all had to ask ourselves if anyone of us really has all the answers about what the right thing to do actually is.  Perhaps, in looking within our imperfect selves for the answers, we're doomed to never find solutions that will satisfy us all.  

So, not having been able to solve any of the worlds problems with the opening paragraph of this post, I have set out to purposely find the silver lining stories of the tragedies and conflicts that are making the headlines right now.


In the midst of the EU's member countries having their shores breached by barely seaworthy boats of migrants from Africa came the story of Antonis Deligiorgis's single handed rescue of 20 migrants from Eritrea, including 24 year old Wegasi Nebiat.  Deligiorgis is a soldier and was out with his wife after doing the school run when he saw the disaster of yet another boat self destruct in the Mediterranean.  He and many others on the island of Rhodes simply did what they had to do - rescuing, sheltering and comforting fellow human beings - which politicians seem reluctant to do themselves.

The streets of Baltimore are currently in lockdown as riots erupted after the funeral of Freddie Gray, an African American man who died of spinal injuries whilst in police custody.  Toya Graham, better known as #Baltimoremom was able to achieve what the words of community leaders, the police or the President could not.  She chased her son down, cuffed him and made him look her in the eye as she told him to stop participating in the senseless destruction of their city.  That the violence wasn't going to change things for the better.  It is also a credit to her tough love that her son did not turn around and attempt to hit out or retaliate when she confronted him.

What stories have you seen or read about that are a little peripheral to the leading stories of the moment but which deeply moved or inspired you?  Whose actions have restored your faith in humanity when you've needed it most?

My own little corner of the world has bumped along in its own bubble of uneventfulness and comforting predictability.  Buffered by good luck and good people from the current pains of the world.  It's one of those precious periods of life where you seem at odds with the suffering and pain that seems to be prevalent all around you.

The sky is still that beautiful crisp autumn blue.

Skirt - J Crew, necklace Red Phoenix Emporium.

And navy blue has returned to my wardrobe in the shape of this boucle skirt from J Crew.

There's been enough sunlight and warmth in the afternoon for a walk to the park for afternoon tea.

On Planet Toddler, creative solutions are being found for mess created by the 'creative', floor centric use of breakfast cereal.

Makeup bag - $19.99, cashmere scarf - $29.99, leather purse - $24.99 all from Aldi and all for me for Mothers Day.  Because I'm worth it.

Some things never change on a Wednesday and one of those things would be self gifting from the Aldi Special Buys range.  The scarf and makeup bag are for the trip.  I like how the makeup bag contains a roll for brushes and snaps rather than zips closed.  But is it big enough to store even my pared down armamentarium of makeup for the at least half rested look I aspire to these days?  Watch this space, it's only two weeks or so until I leave.  The purse is to replace my spare swimming bag wallet which has fallen apart.  It's sturdy with lots of slots for cards, a huge coin section and multiple large sections for notes and larger bits and pieces.  It's a very practical design and I love the red.

What are you buying yourself for Mothers Day?  Or buying yourself just because?

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