Apr 4, 2015

Better Late Than Never.

Have I missed anything?  

I'm two days and around 20 hours sleep behind everyone else this Easter long weekend.....

But I'm determined to make up for it.  I clocked off from work just before lunch time today.

Yellow was the perfect colour to wear today.  It was just the visual lift I needed as I drove along the grey slickness of the unnaturally quiet roads to work and then up the grey concrete of the car park ramps.

And refuelled with a combination of healthy and not so healthy food and beverage before hitting the road to run errands on the way home.  I think everyone had the same idea because I've never seen my local shops so full of people also trying to cope with the fact that the shops were closed yesterday, open today and closed again tomorrow.

And then there was the small matter of trying to stock the house with toddler friendly indoor entertainment.  Thanks again, Aldi!  I owe you.  Again.

Jobs done, it was deep exhalations all the way up the driveway and in the front door.  I'll be straight with you, I've now been in my pyjamas since 3pm.

Pottering away and eating Hot Cross Buns.

Three whole days stretch out in front of me (counting my normal day off), but first, sleep.


  1. You and the Hot Cross buns! On Saturday mornings I like to catch up on your blog and it's Hot Cross buns everywhere. I.m so jealous, we have crappy Hot Cross buns over here. I thought I'd splurge this year and I found a bakery in Atlanta called Australian Bakery that makes traditional Hot Cross buns, I ordered them and waited all day Thursday for a knock at the door with my delivery. Never came. My buns were delivered to someone in Washington (I'm in California). I'm coming home next Easter.

  2. Happy Easter to the SSG household.
    Den xxx

  3. Hope you do get a chance to de-stress and relax and catch up with your sleep this long weekend! I know it's tough being on a child clokc - lots of unnaturally early mornings! But hopefully you catch a break.

    Have a wonderful Easter SSG!

    I still haven't figured out why I can't see your blog posts in my reader, I'll have to come check out your site more often, the old fashioned way haha!


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