Apr 28, 2015

Breaking Target Collab News!

Start planning your strategy to get to your local Target and make contingency plans for if (or should that be when...) the Target site crashes on July 2, 2015....

Dion Lee is Target's next designer collaborator!!  With his interest in using performance fabrics on the cat walk, it's going to be interesting to see how his vision is interpreted for the high street.  Previous collaborations have had the wider ranging appeal of the instantly recognisable, iconic house of Missoni prints or the feminine with a twist style of Stella McCartney.  Dion Lee has a very particular aesthetic to his clothes with its precise lines and use of colour.  As perfect as it looks on the catwalk, will we embrace it at Target and wear it to death in the weeks after the collection debuts?

Yeah, probably.  If you look at it another way, the collection's price point should hopefully be reasonable enough for us mum's with messy parenting responsibilities to give it a go.

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