Apr 1, 2015

Hot Cross Buns!!!!!!

The stakes were high when I rose from my sick bed this morning and willed myself to get dressed for work and hop (it is nearly Easter after all)  into the car for a foggy commute to work.  The bridge and the boats did look spectacular though, as I drove in.  I've never been brave enough to attempt to take a sneaky photo of the bridge in the early morning but trust me, it's always a spectacular sight.  Seeing its arch over the glittering water never fails to give me that extra bit of up and go for facing the working day with.

But back to what was at stake if I hadn't gotten into work early.  Not just good coffee but a batch of Woolworth's Sticky Date and Caramel Hot Cross Buns.  The kind lady emptying the ovens in the bread section at 7.20 this morning disrupted her routine to bag up four buns for me.  'Indulgent' sticker and all.

Here's a close up of her work in case you missed it in the previous photograph.  Reassuringly, these buns appear to be guaranteed to be made right here in Australia instead of being flown (par baked) to our shores from Europe.  Four buns cost $3.20 and they are best slightly warmed up and generously buttered.

I'm feeling rather proud of myself for only just having started my bun run though my logic may be a bit dodgy given the number of buns I'm planning to buy in the next couple of days.

The first Sticky Date Hot Cross Bun I had two weeks ago doesn't count because I didn't actually buy it - a colleague brought them into work for morning tea.  These buns have just the right combination of fruit and sticky, sweet caramel.  They taste best warmed and generously spread with butter.

I'm planning to go to Coles tomorrow for either a half dozen chocolate or apple and cinnamon hot cross buns and possibly a side trip to Cavalicious for one of  their Nutella Hot Cross Buns.  Who am I kidding?  I know I'll be at Cavalicious tomorrow.  Oh, and Aldi - I heard that they are doing a chocolate and cherry version too...

Is it a bit wrong that all my Hot Cross Bun obsessing doesn't involve the pursuit of a single traditional hot cross bun?


I've done my daycare and work Easter egg drop offs and I've only got a few things to tidy up before I'm on my way for the day.  If I don't get back to the blog in time, have a safe and happy Easter!

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