Apr 15, 2015

Memories of the Sun.

Why, hello sun!!!

It's lovely to see you so early in the morning these days, making shadows and adding a bit of warmth to the air.


You've even got us back in short sleeves with promises of 27C days for the rest of this week.

I'm loving that we're getting these memories of summer in the early autumn.  The ANZAC Bridge arched through the trees as I drove through Annandale on Monday.  The almost moonlight filtered through the clouds made the street lamps look like luminous pearls studded like a necklace along the bridge.  It was one of those drives home that felt like a reward for a solidly efficient and all ends tied day at work.

SSG Manor is still feeling the kiss of summer with these room fragrances from Dusk.  The Active Air range has been recently rebranded with the fragrances being given the names of cities.  My favourites are Honolulu and Zurich.  Zurich smells of jasmine and wide open spaces while Honolulu is warm and golden, the smell of the sun at the beach or poolside with a cocktail or two at your side and sunscreen rubbed into your skin.

My latest Ikea purchases to help keep Toddler SSG's belongings under control included a Nyttja frame for the first piece of art he brought home from daycare this year.

It's  up in my bedroom now and makes me think of the sun and the giggly afternoons we've spent together at the park every time I look at it.

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  1. Aww framing the artwork is such a great idea! :) We got an Easter card 'coloured in' by our tiny little baby from daycare. I of course bawled my eyes out and put it straight up on the fridge, texting all the grandparents to show off his little 'art'. I can only imagine what my home is going to look like once he starts being more creative with his artworks. Framing the special pieces like this is a lovely idea, and will save some space on the fridge too!


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