Apr 12, 2015

On An Indoors Kind of Sunday Afternoon.

Today's morning tea - fruit salad and chocolate cake with tea cups of virtual Moccona.

It's just after lunch at SSG Manor and any wooden toy that has the potential to be trodden on or tripped over has been packed away.  Nap time has just started and I'm sitting here just enjoying sitting down.

The week just gone has been another of those lovely ones peppered with moments to simply enjoy the small things.

Hometime, the autumn sun, Taylor and a dusty dashboard.  What more could you want in a work day afternon?

A drive home from work with the autumn sun on my arms and hazily filtered through my sunglasses with a bit of Taylor on for driving music.  It was one of those almost as good as being on holiday already kind of moments (30 days and counting by the way, 30 days and counting...).

I got to mix the old and new in my winter wardrobe in this outfit.  The dress is from Metalicus and coincidentally is also a Taylah - but with a drop waist and 3/4 sleeves.  This is the ink shade and I got it for the princely sum of $44.25 during their last sale.  The necklace is from my collection of Marni-esque arrangements from Lovisa.

It's not everyday you get to laugh at the gym but Saturday was my day.  Who has time on a Saturday morning to hoik a heavy bench on top of a pair of 20 kg plates and to make sure everything is perfectly centred?  And more importantly, why?????

I always feel like I've achieved great things when I manage to get the shopping done before the weather goes pear shaped.  Today's trip was notable for this little discovery: Annabel Karmel's new line of toddler and infant meals.  The range features some of her most loved recipes - including the chicken bites.  In the world of toddler cuisine, this is as big news as if Donna Hay were to release her own range of ready meals for adults.

A few of my friends have already discovered the range and the feedback has been surprisingly positive with only one child not being too keen on one of the salmon meals.  All the other meals seem to have been greeted with gusto and polished off.  You don't need me to tell you how rare that all is.

Toddler SSG is going to be trying the beef cottage pie (with bonus serve of veggies) because I've been struggling with getting him to eat much red meat.  I also bought a bag of chicken bites to see how they compare to the version I make based on Annabel's recipe.  Fingers crossed!

Coles seems to have started following their competitors with special / bargain buy promotions.  This week saw them launch a range of colourful bits and bobs for the home and kitchen with most things being around the $2 mark.  These mini storage tubs were selling fast at my local - they're a bit bendy and will hopefully be durable enough to do some time in the toy room to store smaller things like Toddler SSG's growing collection of wooden foods.  I bought a whole range of wooden food groups from Aldi late last year and have been drip feeding a new set into the toy room every other week so I think we're going to fill these tubs pretty quickly.

Last but not least, Sunday dinner.  It's planned and I've pulled out all the stops.  Cheese and tomato toasties with a can of Big Red soup...   Best eaten in your warmest PJs and socks - the more loved, the better.

Hope you're having a restful weekend!


  1. Re the weight plates and the bench - probably arranged by somebody with long legs. Form is key during bench presses, and this includes foot position. It is very tempting to hoik your legs up while trying to perform a heavy bench press.
    My 1-RM Bench press is 35kg.
    I would like it to be more.

    1. That makes sense. Impressive weight for the bench press!

      SSG xxx

  2. I love that necklace on you but I don't think i could pull it off.
    Also stuck on Tay Tay when driving much to my husband's dislike.


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