Apr 28, 2015

Photo Day. Hair and Make Up. The News.

As I got Toddler SSG ready for daycare today, I couldn't help but feel that my inner Dance Mom had been awoken.

Today was daycare photo day, Toddler SSG's first in fact.  And I've been totally Dance Mom about it.  There was the hair cut a couple of weeks ago (to give it time to 'grow out' a bit), the strategic online purchasing of potential outfits from Cotton On and Next and the obsessive checking of the weather forecast to further narrow down the short list of outfits for today.  Last night's good humoured text messages from my daycare mum friends tell me that I wasn't alone in the planning for today.

You're never too young to appreciate how a Statement Shoe can pull an outfit together.  Jeans and sweater - Cotton On Kids, wellies - Crocs.

And finally, today arrived and as chief toddler dresser for the morning, I made the strategic decision to not have anyone get changed into their day clothes until after breakfast.  And it paid off.  A well fed (on a six course breakfast) Toddler SSG was quite happy to wear his starry sweater and was quite obliging when I combed his hair.  Though I can tell you from first hand experience that Final Net Super Hold hair spray doesn't work too well on cowlicks but it is fun for everyone involved to give it a go all the same.  We did, however, have a slight difference of opinion in footwear.  You have to say, though, that those yellow Crocs wellies that Toddler SSG chose do make the outfit.

Mothering duties done for the morning, it was time to address the big issues.

Hair - in need of some TLC, necklace - Lovisa, sweater - Uniqlo, lanyards - you can never have too many around your neck at work.

Like hair in dire need of a good cut.

I went exploring in Chatswood today and found myself a new hairdresser

and a new skinny cap source.

The breaking news in this morning's SMH Good Food supplement was that Terry Durack reviewed the new Chatswood railway station food court.  Terry was meant to be finding a meal for under $10 as part of this week's cheap eats theme.  Unfortunately, he didn't have much luck at that end of the suburb.

To be honest, I'm not sure if you can get a meal for a tenner anywhere in Chatswood.  I tried my luck at Westfield where I discovered the Le Wrap outlet.

My basic beef wrap and a small soft drink cost $12.

And it was actually pretty good for food court fare.  The beef was grilled freshly for my order and they were generous with the salad.  The wrap was light and crisp.  Le Wrap might just knock sushi off the number one position in my list of favourite food court meals.  I might even have to email Terry and update him on the state of play at Westfield Chatswood.

Seeing as Domestic Divinity  declared that Nude Perfection's name didn't lie on her Instagram this morning, I went to Priceline to hunt down the Color Drama shade that everyone's talking about.  I got lucky and found the last one in stock.

I don't know where the day's gone.  It's almost pick up time.  I really should get outside in the sun and fresh air because it looks like the weather's going to be changing again tomorrow.

Just in time to head back to work.  Does your work lanyards jangle as loudly as mine?  Do you have both swipe cards and antique keys to get into work?  Have you personalised your work ID paraphernalia with hand written prompts for numbers you're always forgetting?  Have you had to sticky tape over those prompts so the numbers don't wash off?  Yeah, thought it was probably only me...

Just updating this post with some post publishing thoughts of mine.

One of Myuran Sukumaran's final paintings.

There's been so much sadness in world news of late with the devastation of the earthquake in Nepal and the news of the executions of Andrew and Myuran.

I can't bring myself to read anything further of the plight of the Chan and Sukumaran families as well as of the men themselves.  Every fresh update in the news catches me in the throat.  The human side of their plight and their spiritual transformations over the last ten years are a cruel juxtaposition to the photos of stark island prisons and coffins that have come to represent their final days.  But the other side of their story is the fact that they have been convicted of their crimes overseas and are the mercy of a foreign legal system.

Some sections of the media are providing live updates of what amounts to a morbid countdown to the deaths of two men.  The politics and ethics aside with regards to these executions, can these men and their families be at least given some privacy in these harrowing hours?

How do you feel about the media coverage of the executions in Bali?

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