Apr 22, 2015

Safely Surviving the Storm.

As far as being a Sydney storm survivor goes, I'm counting myself lucky.  

Bins full of broken umbrellas have been a common sight in Sydney over the last few days.

We're now easing (!!) into day three and I've been touched by the miracle of a fold up umbrella that's still going strong, touch wood.

The winds of yesterday have eased in the city but this morning dawned with thunder and heavy down pours across the suburbs.  The times that I've been brave enough to walk down the streets, the water gushing through the storm water drains does so with a roar that rivals the sound of the bulleting rain.

Thankfully, we still have our power and the house is still solid.  My thoughts go out to those who have lost houses, businesses and other property.  My condolences go to the families who have lost loved ones in this onslaught of extreme weather conditions.


While we will all have our personal losses and disruptions as a consequence of these storms, we all have a debt of gratitude to the volunteers who are working tirelessly and selflessly for us - the men and women of the State Emergency Service.  I was listening to the news on the way to work this morning and the SES have received 8000 requests for help since Monday and have performed 90 flood rescues.  Members of the SES in the ACT are being called in to assist today.

I've been googling for ways I could support the SES in NSW and it turns out the primary fund raiser for the service is their annual raffle.  Coincidentally, I actually ordered my tickets over the weekend before the storm hit after I received a call from a fundraiser.

Jumper - Witchery, necklace - Lovisa, top - Cotton On.

Yesterday, our Premier called on us to all get home as early as we could and I obligingly heeded his advice in this chunky knit sweater from my maternity winter days and a bit of a statement necklace.  Many of us did daycare pick up extra early which also allowed the educators and support staff to make their own commutes home in the relative safety of daylight.

So I didn't have that many hours yesterday to be free range on my own.  Most of the morning went by in a flurry of housekeeping and personal admin with a bit of break at the gym where I got to use my new water bottle.  It looks like an athletic cocktail shaker and I'm pretty sure this is intentional for the 'protein shake whilst doing weights' set.  Which I'm not a part of but at least I look like I'm trying.

Naturally matte looking skin.  Not the biggest priority on a day when your city is on storm alert...

Today probably isn't the best day to be road testing new make up but I've just opened one of purchases from MAC in Orlando.  I've heard great things about their Mineralize Skin Finish Natural ($49 AUD from MAC's Australian website).  It's meant to give a natural matte finish to your skin and it's looking like being a good option for me.  My previous highlighter powder didn't really show up on my skin and there are days when using the Australis AConTour palette isn't going to happen. This MAC product is easy to apply and delivers on its natural matte promise.

My only gripe is that though the mirrored compact looks and feels luxe, it can be difficult to open.  There's no catch mechanism, it's just a magnetic closure that you sort of have to just pull apart.

And that's about it from me on this stormy day.  Stay safe wherever you may be!

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  1. Glad to hear you guys are safe and well. What a storm! Holy heck.


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