Apr 2, 2015

The Festival of the Bun and the Boot.

The lead up to the Easter long weekend might be a little low key compared to Christmas but it's not without its own unique moments of tradition, religion and let's face it - food.  

Toddler SSG and I have been going on an Easter egg hunt with Spot every night this week but we haven't quite gotten to eating any of our own chocolate eggs.  Yet.  I haven't been game enough to try egg painting at home with him either.  But we have painted our ceramic chickens.  More on that later.

As I walked up the main street of our suburb on my way home from the gym, parents delicately balanced Easter bonnets as their children raced ahead with their schoolbags.  Notices outside churches announced special Easter services.  And then there was the morning coffee run on the last working day before Good Friday.  There were few who could resist a sneaky side order of a hot cross bun with their regular coffee order.

Nutella Hot Cross Buns, even better than Nutella on toast.

Being a joiner, I scored one of Cavalicious' last Nutella Hot Cross Buns for myself this morning.  The lake of Nutella that oozed out with my first bite helped ease the pain of trying to sprint on the rowing machine earlier on in the morning.

The supermarket was frantic with people stockpiling food for the whole day that the shops will be closed tomorrow.  I know there are a dozen hot cross buns in this photo but most of them have been ziplock bagged and put into the freezer.

Meanwhile, at SSG Manor, Toddler SSG and I made good use of a dull patch in today's broadcast on ABC Kids.  I newspapered the table, left Toddler SSG in his pyjamas and assembled everything we needed for ceramic chicken painting.  The kit we used was $2.49 from Aldi.

Just in case there was any confusion after the paint dried, I labelled our chickens before we started.

And then we settled down for a bit of Easter crafting.  Toddler SSG's strategy was to gain early possession of the paints.

I went for the eighties androgynous punk look for my chicken.  I started off with visions of Royal Doulton in my head but my hand eye co-ordination let me down early.

Toddler SSG started with the black paint and didn't stray far from it for his chicken.  We're calling his technique goth punk.  Both chickens are now safe on a high window sill waiting for their colour to dry in the sun.

While down at ground level, we opened my Frankie 4 order.

Included with my boots was a complete set of inserts that make up Frankie 4's unique Custom Fit system.

Frankie 4 Louise boots in black smooth leather, $275.

The included dust bag features a handy guide on how the Custom Fit system works.

Based on your foot type, all you need to do for the perfect fit is to insert the appropriate footbed or cushion as indicated by the guide.

This is a side by side comparison of the half and full length footbeds.  I have pretty wide feet and it turned out that the pre inserted full length footbed gave me better support than the half. Size wise, I took the advice of Frankie 4 customer service and ordered my US running shoe size.

The bottom side of the footbeds are rubberized and in the case of the half have a velcro attachment to securely fit into your shoe.

I'm so glad I bought my Frankie 4 boots.  They're the most comfortable heeled boots that I own.  The arch support is excellent and the rubber soles are extremely practical as the weather gets wetter.  The only problem is that I'm now contemplating my second pair of boots.

Are you a Frankie 4 fan too?


  1. Thanks so much for the awesome write up Sydney Shop Girl. Love your comments and can't wait to see shots of you rocking them!! FRANKiE4 x

  2. I bought some NiNas. Super comfy. A pair of boots is not far off, I think

    1. I know, a repeat purchase isn't far off for me either.

      SSG xxx

  3. Love my Frankie4 Ellies and Sophies - were super comfy walking around Paris and London last year. Orthapaedic shoes all the way for me now with recently diagnosed hip dysplasia. Happy Easter to you and your little one. Leigh

    1. Hi Leigh

      Great to hear that your Frankie4s did so well overseas but sorry to hear about the hip dysplasia.

      Thank you for the well wishes and hope you and your family have had a lovely Easter too.

      SSG xxx

  4. I adore those chickens! Brilliant :) Happy Easter lovely xx


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