Apr 7, 2015

Tuesday's Goings On.

It's always a bit 'back to earth with a thud' after long weekends, isn't it?  There's so much catching up to do whilst simultaneously trying to get back into the groove of your regular week and its ebbs and flows of jobs and commitments.

I know it's old news but all my clocks have been wound back for the end of daylight saving.  Ever proactive in the household clock department, I even went to Ikea (during the school holidays) to get a new one for the kitchen.  The empty space left by the death of my old red one on Saturday was getting too much for me today so I sucked it up and embraced the crowd at Rhodes this morning.  My subconscious chose this clock for me because it looks exactly like the ones we have at work which I find soothing in an ironic and odd way.

Sweater - Cotton On Kids, on sale over the weekend for $20.96.

The parcel post man dropped by this morning bearing many gifts including Toddler SSG's winter gear.  Once again, I was struck by the unfairness of how much of his wardrobe does not come in my size.  Besides this navy and white starry sweater, there's also a yellow mackintosh from Next that I'm very jealous of.  But I need to not let my wardrobe envy get the better of me just yet.  I have to label all this gear for daycare over the next few days....  Though I can't technically whinge about the Next clothes because they all come with a spot for you to write in names rather than have to iron on or sew (!!) labels in.

After years of unwavering commitment to Garnier's nicely priced BB cream for sensitive skin, I've taken a tentative step into the world of Korean skincare.  I found Ottie's Multi Vita Essential BB ($25.50 AUD) on Strawberrynet last week and there were so many reasons it had to be in my virtual basket that I didn't balk at the fact that it appeared to only come in one shade.

It comes in a pearlescent pink tube with a fancy pump nozzle dispenser, it promises 'moist and vivid makeup effect at once' (in gold foil writing) and it has SPF 20.  I also ended up saving a few dollars at checkout because it made up the numbers for an extra discount on what I'd already ordered for my mum (she's a huge fan of Agadir Argan Oil).

I'll be in touch about whether or not Ottie's BB cream delivers its golden promises to my skin.  Have you tried Korean BB creams before?

It is now pelting down with rain outside but before the dramatic change in weather, it was actually rather lovely out in the sun.  I'm glad I made the most of it.  I had a bon voyage coffee with one of my friends from mothers group and neither of us could believe we'd known each other for almost two and a half years and just how much our lives and babies had changed in that time.  We both had vivid memories of that first nervous day at the local child health clinic whilst simultaneously keeping one of the toddler versions of those infants out of danger as she explored the cafe and said hello to fellow patrons.  We've all come such a long way and whilst some may be Facebook haters, I'm glad that we will have it as a means of staying in touch.

The beautiful autumn morning was also perfect for me to bake the cake that's rounding out my contribution to morning tea tomorrow.  It's more old school morning tea food in the shape of a classic AWW cake, their Moist Coconut Cake With Coconut Ice Frosting.

The cake is all sorts of deliciousness with its batter that features dessicated coconut and sour cream along with all the usual suspects.

It bakes to a golden paleness and the scent of coconut wafting from the oven made me a bit wistful about summer being gone for good now.

My link features a neat tip about tinting the coconut ice frosting.  Dipping a straw into your bottle of food colouring gives you much greater control over how much colouring you add to your recipe.

I'm partial to more vivid pink, myself.  Not quite Barbie pink but well on the way.  The beaters tasted yummy by the way...

Because there's not enough photos of amateur home baking floating around the internet...

And here's my vision of homely baking.  The proof will be in the eating tomorrow, though.  Here's hoping it will be a hit.


  1. I am sure it will be a hit.
    The Koreans were the ones to invent BB cream. I have tried the Etude house one. It is good. In Korea, beauty products are a right rather than a privilege and therefore are priced accordingly.

  2. LOL "Because there's not enough photos of amateur home baking floating around the internet..."
    You're hysterical
    Nice colour pink though.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  3. I made this exact cake not long ago and it was delicious, one of the very few times I've baked from scratch (must do it more often). I like a vibrant hue of pink in the icing too :-)


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