May 5, 2015

In Praise of the Predawn.

Not only am I a morning person, I've also come to love the predawn too.  To me, being up before the sun rises is an opportunity to ease myself into the day as the sky does the same. The extra time in the morning before the epic mission of getting into work is mostly mine and it allows me to do a few things just for me without disrupting the rest of the delicately balanced (and sometimes not even balanced) routines of the rest of the day.  I like that feeling of being fully awake, alert and prepared for the day just as the sun has risen.

Today's predawn was a beauty.  I walked out of the house and up the street in a fine mist of fog.  It was heavy enough to filter the light from the streetlights and neon signs into starbursts and glowing planets.  Walking through the moisture of the fog felt like I was getting a total body facial.

It was the strangest feeling walking up the street and feeling so refreshed for my effort.

And back home in the darkness of the suburban streets, the moon shone above through the fog.

It's just made my day being able to be out there in that rather surreal set of weather conditions.

What's making your day today?

Love your work in the scented wardrobe products department, Aldi.

The weather in Sydney today has been forecast to reach a glorious maximum of 27C in the city.  Those beautiful rays of autumn sun have cast themselves upon my peony rose scented wardrobe (loving a good scented wardrobe sachet on a hanger these days)

All the Big Names on my day off.  What's not to like?

and I've pulled together my outfit to wear into the city for lunch.

Have a good one and talk soon!

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