May 9, 2015

Saturday Sun. Feedly.

I've only just crawled out from under the rock of blog reading and it looks as if I've wasted no time in making up for it.

Readers, many years after you've all discovered them, I've finally adapted to blog readers.  I'm really enjoying feedly and it's not just because my blog feed finally got up to speed on it early  this morning.  Feedly is like reading an online paper only the news is blog posts.  With the resolution of my own feed issues and now discovering how well my posts can scrub up in the right setting, it's pretty much as if technicolour has come to blogging for me.  It's now an exciting new world of an even wider variety of blogs than what I was reading previously. I'm looking forward to getting to know a wider circle of bloggers through their writing and to also be inspired by their work.

Sydney has turned it up again in the weather department with these megawatt blue skies.

It was lovely running this morning's errands with a bit of a flush to my face on account of the warm day it has turned out to be.

Though a fair bit of the flush was probably more to do with chasing walking Toddler SSG up and down the escalators at our local Westfield.  He's going through a rebelling against the pram stage at the moment and any opportunity he gets to be unstrapped from it are opportunities he stretches out for as long as possible.  So when the Westfield girls were doing their rounds with Mothers Day treats for harried mummy shoppers, they practically ran up to me with this gift.  Thanks a bunch, Westfield Chatswood!

But the gift I'm most looking forward to opening tomorrow is this one which Toddler SSG made at daycare this week.

I can just see myself opening his gift wearing these delightfully colour coordinated Sherpa lined clogs I found at Aldi for $7 today.  You know how I'm all about the comfort shoe....

Another pair of Rockport pumps.  Despite the heel, I walked around the city one afternoon in them and lived to tell the tale.

whether it's lounging around the house or getting dressed up for lunch - Comfort is Key.

While the days are sunny and warm right now, it does get chilly once the sun comes down.  And for me, that means toast and bowls of soup for a no fuss weekend dinner.

What are you favourite winter foods?

Do you have a preferred feed reader?


  1. I have tried Inoreader, and I love that Inoreader lets you make bundles you can share. I mostly use a home built version of TinyRSS on our local home server, because after Google Reader let everyone down in that enormous way, I did not want to give control of my feedreading to anyone but my techy other half. :)

  2. Happy mother's day to you dear SSG xxx

  3. Hope you have a lovely Mother's day tomorrow! Baby T was very creative at daycare this week too, I've been suitably spoiled! :)

    It's great your posts are all showing up on feedly now - it's my reader of choice after google reader was taken away. I use bloglovin for some blogs but it is just so glitchy...feedly is better IMHO :)

  4. Happy Mother's Day, and welcome to Feedly! Absolutely my blog experience of choice. The mobile client is a little weird, but I hope Feedly prevails, perhaps even hooks up with Disqus to become a "social network" of its own!

  5. Yep, another one for Feedly. I love it. Welcome!


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