May 10, 2015

Sending Hope, Not Flowers.

Let's face it.  Mothers of the first world are going to be spoiled today.  Breakfasts in bed, extravagant gifts, thoughtful gifts, hugs, phone calls, surprise visits and perhaps a few quiet moments to remember our mothers who can only be with us in our hearts and memories.

It's lovely for us to be able to give our mothers even a fraction of what they have given us throughout our lives.  But what about mothers in the developing world who have a high chance of not even surviving labour to actually become a mother?
Dr Barry Kirby is working in Papua New Guinea to turn around some horrifying statistics about maternal mortality around.  In Australia, maybe 4 - 5 women would be expected to die during childbirth for every 100 000 births and all of those deaths would be either investigated or made front page news.  Just 150km off our shores, there are 500 - 700 maternal deaths for every 100 000 live births and not one of these deaths would ordinarily make it to the Australian media.

Originally a builder from the North Coast of NSW, Dr Kirby self funded 12 years of medical training so that he could go to Papua New Guinea and save the lives of mothers who were dying because they could not afford the $5AUD it cost for a medical centre delivery for their babies.

$5 AUD.  That's about the cost of the coffees I so casually buy on my outings with Toddler SSG.

Part of Dr Kirby's work involves putting together 'gifts' of Baby Bundles that contain what a woman needs for a safer labour and early postnatal period.  The bath tubs contain sheets, toilet paper, things for the baby and include the cost of the $5 fee for a medically assisted delivery.  The total cost of these tubs?  $28 AUD.

Meanwhile on the mean streets of the Lower North Shore, ladies like myself were trawling the aisles of DJs with our fancy Bugaboos and pained facial expressions ('please let nap time start after we've gotten back to the car... please...') to pick up $20 packs of Chesty Bonds toddler singlets. Because Target sold out - but that's a first world frustration for another day.

I've just made my donation to Send Hope Not Flowers. My other plans for today will be to give mum a call to tell her about Dr Kirby and to open my gifts with Toddler SSG.  The weather is also looking great for us to get outside later today as well.

Have a lovely Mother's Day!

What are your plans for today?


  1. I had heard about Dr Kirby's work - a friend shared the article on Facebook - but it's a shame I'm only just hearing about it, if you know what I mean. We are so incredibly lucky to have access to the wonderful healthcare we do in Australia.

    I hope you have a lovely mother's day - your donation will make sure someone else has a lovely mother's day too!

    Away From The Blue

  2. great post :) I totally agree. How lucky we are.
    I have made a donation


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