May 13, 2015

Still Here. Heel Lock.

That was a quick flight to New York.
Nah, not really. I'm still in Sydney. In the airport. Been here since I crossed the Iron Cove around six this morning and finally managed to catch the sunrise on my iPhone camera.

There's been some kind of complicated technical issue with the hydraulics of our plane. Parts had to be ordered, fitted, tests run, things signed off.

The Captain dropped by to tell us the technicalities of what was being done and then took questions from the floor.
For most of us, the phrases 'parts had to be ordered in' and 'running some tests now to check things over' were words we'd heard often from our mechanics and so we were sort of prepared for the hours that stretched before us in departure lounge limbo. The big question on everyone's mind was whether or not there was a spare plane in the hangar that could be pressed into service at short notice. And the answer to that, unfortunately, was no.

So we were all really excited when a delayed boarding call was put out. So excited that a carrot cake and marshmallow brownie were eaten in celebration.

Lounge wide Apple charging.

But it wasn't to be and we deplaned quicker than we boarded. Back to the lounge where power points were shared

You would've been so proud. #looknobooze

and a strange sort of late lunch, afternoon tea and possibly early dinner were eaten.

It's Sydney, so of course there's yum cha for afternoon tea.

It's been an interesting day. It has been frustrating having our travel plans delayed by at least a day but on the other hand, it's been a kind of gentle induction into a trip that's going to be busy and that will fully engage every neuron of my brain.

I've written before about how much I love those final hours before departing on a flight. The routines of the numerous teams that make an airport function - technical staff out on the tarmac, the service staff inside, the caterers, security, the travellers and the crews in their elegant uniforms. Well, it looks as if I've been given bonus hours to fully get into the zone for that long haul flight I hope is going to take place some time before tomorrow.

The other good thing about this enforced down time is that I'll be practically hurling myself at the next treadmill I meet.


And I'll be doing it with my new and improved shoelace tying technique.

Have you heard of the heel lock? It's a way of using those extra holes toward the side of your trainers to create a snugger fit of your shoe around the heel and ankle. I retied my laces for my run this morning and it really works. It has also solved the problem of my socks creeping down under my heel as I run. There's nothing more frustrating than having this happen when you're 2 minutes and 34 seconds into your interval run.

Here's a video of heel locking that's just gone viral in the last few days.

And that's all I've got for you today.

Everything crossed that we depart safely as soon as we can.

Take care,


  1. Oh no how frustrating for you SSG! I hope they sort it soon - or send you on the next flight at least!

    Fingers crossed you aren't waiting in the lounge too much longer.

  2. #drinkallthebooze

  3. Oh gawd SSG, hope you are up up and away by now. Have had a few of those delays....I know it's the least of our worries...but I once got on and off three times over 5 hours at CDG!!!! The gendarme had to be called to settle the crowd. Bon voyage, Darling. Xxx


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