May 6, 2015

Tuesday's Fried Chicken. New Hair Gets.

And then the fog lifted to this on Tuesday.

Blue skies and that lovely light that make the majestic buildings of the city centre look ummmm.... QueenVtabulous?

The mood at Workshop, my favourite cafe on George Street was almost languid (well as languid as one can get on the main thoroughfare of the CBD during peak morning coffee hour).

There wasn't a person on George Street who was immune to the charms of the sun.  Everyone in the line waiting for their coffee had a beatific smile on their face.  So what if it was only the second day of the working week and it wasn't even lunch time at that.  With the sun on your face and the warmth of it radiating through your shirt sleeves or jacket how could you not be happily in the moment?

Coffee and incidental sun basking aside, there were places I needed to get to.  The first of these was The Sparrow's Mill on Liverpool Street, a legendary name in the world of Korean Fried Chicken (aka the KFC, the Colonel's can take a back seat, thank you very much) in Sydney.

There are many Korean favourites on the menu but the one thing everyone comes here for is one of twelve varieties of fried chicken.

Spring Onion (foreground) and Snow Cheese (background) fried chicken.  Half serves are around $18 each.
We went straight to the fried chicken menu and ordered a half serve each of the Spring Onion and Snow Cheese fried chickens.  It was a wise move to not waste valuable stomach space  by ordering rice or additional side dishes because once I bit into my first piece of deep fried ray of chicken sunshine, neither my mind nor stomach would even contemplate anything else for lunch.

This was the first time I'd eaten Korean Fried Chicken and I finally understand the passion Sydney has for it and how it would be perfectly reasonable to eat an entire plate of it for lunch.  The batter has a fine texture to it when cooked by the experts, it almost tastes healthy, so minimal is the oil on the chicken.  The Spring Onion chicken had a hint of spiciness in its thick wasabi based sauce.  The plentiful 'wig' of spring onion was a perfect foil to the chicken.  There were a few rice cakes included under the chicken and they had the benefit of being drenched in the sauce as well.

The Snow Cheese Chicken sounds strange in concept, the fried chicken has a coating of cheese flavoured 'snow'.  I couldn't really taste the cheese but the chicken had a saltiness to it that was comforting, familiar and yes ... very moreish.

Photo by Simon Food Favourites via

Now that I've discovered the delights of fried chicken, I'm planning a second visit to try a few other varieties as well as a visit to Hot Star Chicken which I saw a few doors down.

Their specialty is fried chicken steaks so big you could hide your entire face behind them.

I know, I know.  Give a salad, green tea and fruit for lunch kinda girl one lunch of deep fried chicken and her imagination runs wild with thoughts of every possible opportunity to do it all again in the very near future.

The one non food related activity I scheduled into my trip to the city yesterday was a visit to Priceline to spend a voucher on things for the trip.  New  York is going to be all about the hair.  I've heard great things about the Volume Powder and I haven't met a BB cream I've been able to walk away from at Priceline and the allure is even greater if it's for hair.  I'll report back on both.

The weather continued to dazzle while I was strolling the aisles of Priceline.

And when I emerged with my heavily subsidized purchases, a passing seagull paused to share my joy in discovering that Rimmel hadn't discontinued their Scandaleyes pencil liner in Nude after all.  For under $10, it's the best product I've found to use as  long wearing eyeshadow base (I sometimes just wear it alone when time is even less on my side than usual).  It's also great for that lining the inner lower eyelid to make you look more rested trick but ain't nobody got time for that (At last!  I've woven that phrase into a blog post.  At last!).

It would've been mean spirited to have not shared my China Town trip with the folks playing at home so I stopped by the 85C Bakery on the way home.  The Golden Light Cheese Cake  ($5.50 for a bag of five) is true to its claim of being the 'kids favor off all time'.  Toddler SSG loved a good three cheesecakes all on his own.

But I couldn't resist a large slice of the Matcha Swiss Roll ($4.50 for a mini roll that serves at least four).  Along with an airy yet dense sponge base, it featured red beans, mock cream and a green tea flavoured jelly centre.  If you're going to have a massive lunch of Korean Fried Chicken then a slice of cake featuring all the big names in Asian baking should be the natural choice for dessert.

Do you love a fried chicken lunch every once in a while?  What do you do for dessert afterward?


  1. Yummy food requires more yummy food. Fried chicken with cake chaser and champagne yummm

  2. That fried chicken looks absolutely delish ... as with that yummy-licious matcha swiss roll!

  3. Oh yay, it looks like your feed is back. :) I just got 25 posts through as a surprise! ;)

  4. Korean fried chicken is the best! Ps I did get your posts just now and tried to comment on latest one but couldn't. Blogger can be so annoying sometimes!


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