Jun 24, 2015

All the Big News Stories. Instant Chip Gravy.

In a week already dominated by major news stories like Pack-Carey (non Australian readers, that really is Mariah Carey hand in hand with one of our local billionaires)

GAP jeggings, my current skinny of choice.
it's been even more challenging than usual to bring you news from my life from a fresh and interesting perspective.

But, I do believe I've come up with the goods.  Instant chip gravy.  98% fat free instant chip gravy.  A pouch costs around $2.80 at the supermarket and all you need to do is reheat it (microwave in the pouch or else on the stove top if you'd like to be able to use #foodmadewithlove) and serve over chips.  Being fat free, you could even go all out and fry your fries rather than bake them in the oven.

Unfortunately, my trial of the gravy didn't strictly follow protocol so my results may not be applicable to you.  But there's nothing to say that you can't infer and apply.  My gravy went into a batch of sausage and onion casserole and my potatos were served as a home made mash rather than as store bought chips.

Even taking all of those factors into account, this is a pretty good effort from Gravox in the instant gravy department.  It comes out of the packet with a firm texture that's great over chips and has a mild but rich flavour.  It's not too salty and doesn't taste as fake as powdered gravy does.  For those of you playing along with toddlers, mine seemed to love it in the casserole.

To make the casserole, all you need to do is brown some sausages and then some onion and garlic.  I added a bit of flour to the onion mixture as it fried.  Then put it all into a slow cooker with a total of 2 cups of fluid (I made up the volume with water).  If you're not using instant gravy, you can use 2 tablespoons of powdered gravy in 2 cups of water.  Then cook for 4 hours.  I added a little honey and soya sauce in the final hour (used plain beef sausages) to balance the taste.

Cardi - Mix (and very warm it is too), top - Country Road, flats - Stuart Weitzman (courtesy of the best DJs shoe sale ever in the winter of 2013), beads - Red Phoenix Emporium.

Back to the skinny jeans.  I'm risking my health and wearing mine to work today.  I've accessorized with some leopard flats, a waterfall cardigan and a statement string of beads.  I've even read the expert neurolgist advice in the article I linked to and I'm going to follow it to the letter.  So no squats or housework whilst I've got these jeans on.

Sounds good to me.


  1. That skinny jeans/death trap article was interesting, wow! I think I should be okay, most of my skinny jeans have some stretch to them...thinking of all the picking up/putting down I do with baby! I quite like the no exercise/housework rule when wearing them though, I might have to adopt that! ;)

    That gravy looks so good too - we've had it at my parent's for a roast chicken dinner one night. Although I can't eat it because of the MSG, from memory the verdict was that it wasn't as good as the other ones!

    Away From The Blue

  2. Pffft. If I can't be semi functional in an item of clothing, unless I'm being fancy, I don't wear it.

  3. Just love your #foodmadewithlove aside. Love it!


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