Jun 9, 2015

An Extended Long Weekend. Vivid Chatswood.

Meanwhile, in the world of those of us who got a spare day tacked onto the end of their long weekend...

Highlights from the Victoire campervan.

the living's been easy.  I've just come home from brunch with my mum and aunty.  We made a pit stop at the Victoire campervan of baked goods on Darling Street for sourdough and an afternoon snack for Toddler SSG (a ham and cheese mini quiche).

Been getting stuck into some hard core decluttering and packing as well.  When you're armed with a solid packing tape dispenser like this one, there isn't a packing carton you can't conquer.  

Even when they're filled with most of this mountain of mismatched bedlinen.  I'm struggling to remember how I managed to accumulate all of this but it's been dealt with now and my new resolution is to steer clear of  all future thousand count sheet set sales.

There were some fond farewells in the wardrobe stakes this long weekend as well.  My Alannah Hill frocks from back in the day have gone (with their matching headbands and in their original garment bags) to a place where I know they'll find new and happy wearers.  


I have many happy memories of the Alannah era of my wardrobe.  Purchasing them was possibly was fun as wearing them.  The beautifully embellished stores, the sales assistants with their vivid red lipstick and full bodied hair and the whimsical names of each piece in the store.  The label has recently employed a new design team as Alannah left the brand.  From my quick browse of the website today, it looks as if there's been a subtle change of direction with a hint of raciness in the form of black lace and sheerer accents in the current collection.  

Are you liking the new Alannah yourself?

Personally, I'm happy with my memories.  I'm just not in a phase of life right now that would be conducive to the wearing of an Alannah frock.  I am curious, though, as to what my go to label will be when I do get around to having a night out on the town or a fancy champagne lunch again.

Morning tea is always more exciting when you get to eat it from your dump truck cooler bag whilst seated in a new park you've just discovered.

My current phase of life has been trucking along just fine.

I gave raw carrot cake a go yesterday and decided that there's only so far my taste buds will go with this body as a temple ethos.  Exercise, salads, fruits and grains with 'full fat, made the old fashioned way cake' as a sometimes food are going to be the components of my boring and untrendy masterplan for ongoing health.

I did have more success with the supermarket in the future 'hood.  How could you not look forward to your weekly shop when you've got a beauty corner like this to frequent in the process?

My old faithful L'oreal Elvive serum (aka best ever supermarket dupe of Redken's Glass) was in store.

But the promises of Claudia Schiffer's Diamond Colour Illuminating Oil for $7.50 (on sale) was difficult to resist.  I'll let you know who I go with it.

Woolies now also seem to be stocking a whole range of previously salon exclusive hair products.  They're also selling the Agadir Argan oil range which I've previously only found at online at Strawberrynet.  The Woolies prices look to be a couple of dollars more than what Strawberrynet are offering.

We managed to catch the final evening of Vivid at Chatswood last night.  The highlight of Toddler SSG's night was unlimited access to the pedestrian crossing buttons along Victoria Road on account of it being closed off for pedestrians only for the night.

The aquatic theme of the installation shining off the walls of The Concourse was magical.

Up the road, this radiant crustacean lit up Chatswood Mall.

And finally, over at new Interchange, two anemones glowed softly over the food court.

I'm looking forward to next year's Vivid and I'm hoping that Chatswood will again be part of the event.  The smaller size of the display circuit makes it perfect for young families to navigate safely and parking is ample.

Plus, being Chatswood, you're looking at zero risk of leaving hungry.


  1. I see you in Sass and Bide, or Scanlan and Theodore for your nights out.

    1. Ahh, good suggestions.

      Thank you, Cilla. Hopefully the day will come soon.

      SSG xxx

  2. My pile of mismatched bedlinen gives me nightmares. I always end up with just the thing I wasn't looking for. I didn't know Vivid went as far as Chatswood, that's really cool! It does look the perfect size for families. I will recommend to my sister; she's not too far away. Thanks for the tip :-)

    1. No problem, Rachel. Vivid Chatswood wrapped up Monday but hopefully they'll be part of Vivid 2016.

      SSG xxx

  3. Love Vivid & your shots. Must go to Chatswood Vivid next year as well as city.

    Your future 'hood's Woolies looks superior to our local.

    Hope you kept a dress or 2 as my MIL who has 2 sons, kept some fab clothing from the '60's and 70's and wants to give them to our daughter, her only grand daughter. I think our daughter will love them. Den xxx

  4. Always so much to take in when I pop over here for a visit. Loving the Woolworths wrap up, I feel like I need to tell my local store to lift their beauty game. And I am team real cake sometimes food too. Raw can be delicious, it can also be terrible. Haha.


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