Jun 19, 2015

Another Black Dress. Lego, New York Style.

There's a price to be paid for being too efficient in the packing and decluttering stakes.

And that would be finding yourself compelled to start filling up the space you've created with things that you previously didn't have room for.

This black 3/4 sleeve dress from Mix ($25) serendepitously found its way into my trolley of groceries yesterday.  I justified its purchase on the basis of its scoop neck and sturdy yet comfortable stretch ponte fabric.  Fortunately, it sits just above the knee on me which makes it perfect for work.

I made it mummy gangsta with the addition of this fauxtastic gillet from ICE and the blingiest long chained necklace I own.  Unfortunately, its pendant is a key rather than the more trend appropriate set of dog tags but it's true to my current fashion ideology - points for trying to be somewhere near trend in purely toddler proof wash and wear.

Can you believe that it's nearly July?  In the Australian high street and designer collaboration sphere, that can only mean one thing; The imminent drop of Dion Lee's project with Target.  Target's website isn't giving much away but I did find this brief feature in the latest InStyle.  I do like the print of the dress but not the style.  I'm hoping that there'll be a few other dress options in the range come July 2.  And also that the website doesn't crash like it did for Missoni last year.

The rain hasn't let up in Sydney this week which has left my laundry situation in backlog status.  Thankfully, an Aldi run has seen Toddler SSG back in business with warm layers for day care.  I'm hoping the fine weather forecast for this weekend translates to baskets of dry laundry for Monday.

It'll be good to get outside for a walk by the river this weekend but in the mean time, I've been putting my home gym gear through its paces.  I'm finding functional weight training with hand held weights like medicine balls and kettle bells a bit of a challenge compared to the machines at the gym.  There's actually a fair bit of cardio and flexibility required to nail the exercises.  It's not just a matter of zoning out to MTV whilst doing repetitive movements on a weight machine.  The main thing, though, is that I always feel so alive and ready for the day when I collapse (the drama!!)  after that last rep.

The Duplo crocodile in my photo came from the Lego flagship store at the Rockefeller Centre in New York.  It's part of a Pirate Pete and Peter Pan play set that I managed to build for Toddler SSG twice before he managed to lose half the pieces in the vortex that is his play corner.  I didn't even have time to Instagram my efforts.  What kind of a mother am I?

The pick and mix Lego wall where you can make your own set to take home and assemble.

Located in the Rockefeller Centre, the store is well worth a visit for the novelty factor and it's unique range of Lego sets.

Prometheus of the Real World.

Inside the store are faithful recreations of iconic landmarks of the local area.

 Prometheus of the Lego World.

I visited the store twice and personally found the Lego models more striking under their backlighting at night.


Ever surface in the store features a piece of New York as interpreted by the eyes of expert Lego builders.

Lego Wisdom.

Unfortunately, none of the Rockefeller creations were available in Duplo.

Lego Atlas.

So I guess I'll just have to return for another visit when Toddler SSG moves on to the next size of Lego.

Here's to the weekend!  May you spend at least some of it snuggled up in warm pyjamas with a good book or two.


  1. The winter weather has definitely set in! I will be spending a bit of the weekend in pyjamas reading - just reading to baby T but it still counts right? haha!

    That dress was a great purchase! I need to find out what Coles stores near me have the mix apparel range, you get some bargains there! I've never seen it but I don't shop at Coles too often, woolies is closer to me.

    Hope the weather clears a bit and you do have a lovely weekend!

  2. Happy weekend SSG! I hope that it's a fun one. Love that black dress, I think I have a couple of very similar ones. All totally essential of course ;) xxx


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