Jun 12, 2015

Days On and Days Off - They're Both Busy.

I usually say that my days off feel twice as busy as my days on at work but today's been all kinds of crazy at the coalface.  I'm sitting in my office now and it's the first time I've had a seat all day.  It's going to take a forklift to prise me off it.  Even on a Friday afternoon.

Stay at home mum Thursday was pretty hectic too, now that I look back on it.  There was a front gate to WD-40.  One handed and without having to shut said gate.

A batch of bolognese got cooked, without dried basil.  I can say, though, that Pizza Topper herb mix makes an excellent substitute.

Shopped too early for this weekend's cook book giveaway...

The day's chores done, it was time to set off one of my favourite stay at home mum hangs - Rhodes.  It's been ages since I last dropped by but as always, it never fails to deliver on the coffee and bargain fronts.

Firstly, the coffee.  We have a Three Beans, people!  And it does small batch drip coffee.  Which I wasn't game enough to try but maybe one day, after I've resolved my raw food cake issues.  I think the two would be lovely with each other.

Red tickets and non frumpy comfort.  What's not to love about Target work wear?

And the bargains.  Is there nothing better for the ego than a changeroom full of Target Collection workwear when you've finally acknowledged that you're just never going to fit half your pre pregnancy work wardobe ever again?

And when your first foray into online tailoring goes terribly wrong with a business skirt that's 13.5 cm too short?

Toddler toast - cold toasted soft hamburger rolls with lumps of spread on top that are eaten as is off the top of the toast.

It's those stubborn widened ribs, and all that toast I have to eat with Toddler SSG.

Mummy toast - sourdough, melted butter and spread eaten with bread.
But I'm going off on a tangent.

Target Collection - the label says it all.

How good is Target Collection?  I managed to find a couple of pencil skirts that not only fit comfortably but they also had those hallowed red tickets on them, taking them each down to $20!!!!

Target's cashmere feel cardigan - $25.  Got this in black and cream.

There was also a new version of their cashmere feel cardigans which I've loved from way back.  They wash well, have a nice weight to them and don't pill even if you machine wash.

Cardi - archival Target, scarf - Hermes, scarf ring - Mai Tai Collection.

Speaking of which, here's one of my three year old Target cardis in action with a bit of a scarf installation at the neck.

Alas, the Dannii range wasn't on sale and also too tiny for me.  I know this might be defeating the purpose but Dannii - can you and Gok do a range for us not so petite ladies?

There was something for all of us at Target.  Here's Toddler SSG pondering the ABC Kids DVDs.  Many of which he already owns....

Aside from the shopping, I got to see quite a bit of the local area as I tried to keep up with my little Energizer bunny.  The pram's getting abandoned earlier and earlier on our days out these days and the usually captivating play area loses its lustre at around the 5 minute mark as well.

We got ran into the cineplex without tickets, went across the pedestrian overpass to a neighbouring business park (twice) and had a gander at the water feature at the Rider Boulevard entrance.

As a shopping centre warrior with a reasonable amount of form, I'm disappointed to say that I was exhausted at the 2 hour mark and that afternoon tea saved my life by providing me with rehydration and a massive sugar hit.

Are you a Target Collection fan?  Are you an even bigger fan of the hallowed red ticketted Target Collection items?

Do you get a complete cardio workout everytime you take your toddler shopping or is it just us?


  1. Toddler has read the Carrie Bradshaw memo- shopping is my cardio

  2. Already baby T is starting to refuse to sit in his stroller for a shopping trip - and it was my favourite way to relax after a hectic week, head out to the shops to see some people and have him happily sit there in his stroller. I count myself lucky he can't walk too far on his own yet, I know it will be hectic when he can, just like you're experiencing!

    I really do need to check out Target more. I always have a glance at the clothing but never have time for a good try on session. I need to rope my workmates into our lunchtime target sale shops again, haha!

  3. SSG I am hearing you re the pre pregnancy work wardrobe. I had a job interview last week and discovered that four years and a baby and my lovely veronica maine suits no longer fitted. A quick trip to Cue was in order. Toddler shopping is most definitely a workout. My litte man is no longer happy to sit in the pram.



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