Jun 22, 2015

If We Could Talk Brown Pencil Eyeliner For A Bit. The Weekend.

It's been a while since we've discussed brown pencil eyeliners.  They're my one true make up love.  I buy them obsessively and stay loyal to my favourites just as passionately.  My record for repurchasing one particular pencil was three.  And when I find a brand I love, I'm not above buying all the browns in the range.  Fortunately, the ones I've loved the most in recent times have been at the nicely priced range of the spectrum.

For the record, my one true love of pencil liners is currently Sephora's Contour Eye Pencil 12 HRS in the shade Tiramisu.  They currently retail for around $13 at the Sydney store.

It still remains my one true eyeliner love despite my unboxing my Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Corrupt ($30 at Mecca Maxima).  I think there's just something about me and Urban Decay.  We're a lot like Brenda and Dylan from back in the day.

We can't keep away from each other yet we both (well I do, at least) keep thinking that there's unresolved business between us.  We have our bust ups (over the complexity and frostiness of the Naked 2 pallette) but then seeing how its so stunningly worn by other people, guiltily reunite over a clutch of MAC single eyeshadows. Only to face the same issues over again (complexity and frost).

This time, I'm hoping it's going to be a bit different.  UD's 24/7 pencils really do glide on like softened butter and they do have staying power but gee, the colour's a bit flat and boring for all the hype and suggestive naming.  Then again, perhaps boring and dependable may just be the kind of eye pencil relationship I need right now.  But for $30 a pop?

Aside from eyeliner pencils, there's been all sorts of newness at SSG Manor.  My old non stick Anolon wok died a nasty death with a big chunk of its non stick coating coming off in the kitchen sink.  Ironically, my new wok did not come from any one of my three local Asian grocers but from Myer.  A place where I haven't bought anything non make up related for approcimately 5 years.

It was a great buy, though.  At 40% off, my Tefal wok came in at $65.  It's very light and its base sits well on my gas cook top.  It also came with a glass lid.

My hot top for fried rice - make your rice the night before and just when it's done, season with soya sauce, white pepper and a little sesame oil before refrigerating.

The dish I chose to christen my wok?  Fried rice with hidden vegetables.  In hindsight, I shouldn't have made it with Basmati because it the rice ended up being a bit dry and firm.  I'm on the Basmati train at the moment because of it's superior GI to Jasmine rice.

More expert toddler chefs than I tell me that finely dicing carrot isn't good enough when it comes to the eagle eyes of toddlers.  You have to grate those orange root vegetables.  Yes, they were right.  Every.  Single.  Carrot.  Cube.  On.  The.  Side.  Of.  His.  Bowl.  Along with the peas.  And not a grain of rice to be seen.

Sunday's grilled toasties suffered a similar fate with the ham, cheese and soft middle bits of white bread being scraped off their millimetre deep toasted base.

Which was confusing because these crispy choc chip cookies from Coles were a hit

as were these French Fries from Maccas with their accompanying free banana and Minion.

Being a mum of a toddler.  It often defies logic but it's good fun, mostly.

In other news, the SMH travel supplement tells me that there's a sequel to my favourite poolside page turner, Crazy, Rich, Asians.  Plus, CRA Herself is currently being made into a film.

Took a break from cardio and weights on Sunday and imagined myself to be a ballerina with this Neila Rey ballet inspired workout and some active stretching.  I'm pretty sure I didn't look the part but in the privacy of my own living room in my thermal leggings and with my hair in a messy bun, I felt it.  And sometimes, that's all you need to keep you happy on a wet afternoon in the winter.

Cheerio, gotta go.


  1. What skin type do you have SSG? I find kohl liner slides off my eyes 10 mins after I've applied it

    1. Dry skin. Have had other eyeliners slide off me but not the Sehpora or UD.

      Also, Laura Mercier gel liners have great staying power. They have a caviar one. Prefer to Bobbi Brown myself.

      SSG xxx

  2. I've never really been very good with eye makeup but I had a session at the clinque counter and felt brave enough to finally use an eye pencil I got in a goodie bag a while back. I'm terrible with it, haha! I think maybe I need a brown one, when you go wrong with the black it's VERY obvious. To me at least!

    Away From The Blue

    1. Yeah, me too with black eyeliner. Brown is so much more forgiving.

      SSG xxx


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