Jun 26, 2015

The Park. One Pot Pasta.

 It was lovely at the park yesterday morning.

Toddler SSG and I arrived before the clouds got too grey and heavy and also before the mid morning crowd.  We had the play area to ourselves and all the lawn and playing fields to run around too. The air had a fresh coolness to it which for some strange reason made us both feel like running as fast as we could so that we could take in huge lungfuls of it. Or perhaps I'm overthinking the relationship between toddlers, their parents and wide open spaces.

 The groundsmen had just finished their morning rounds and joined us in the queue at the cafe for coffee.  Coffees in hand, we each found our own little corner of the park for a bit of quiet and a sit down as we prepared for the rest of the day.

Which, for me revolved around the curious anticipation over whether or not a recipe I found for one pot chicken pasta would work.  Long time readers of this blog will know about my love of the quick and easy for weeknight dinners and also of my love of slowcooker recipes.  Well, I've recently discovered wonderpot pasta recipes which are great for the nights when you're willing and able to put more energy into dinner than turning on an oven or setting a slow cooker but also find it too overwhelming to decide what to get for home delivery and then have to stay in presentable clothing for when the delivery person comes and you have to meet them in person for the food and payment exchange.

The first recipe I tested out was the One Pan Chicken Alfredo from Number 2 Pencil's dinner saving blog. The blog is full of quick and easy recipes that I'm hoping to test out over the next few weeks.

Let your timer and stove do all the hard work in this dish.

The recipe is incredibly easy and the ingredients readily available. It's the kind of recipe that you could plan for in your weekly shop because now that I've made and tasted it once, I will be making it weekly.  All you need to do is brown some chicken and garlic and then fill your pan with pasta, cooking cream, stock and herbs.  I used dried parsley instead of fresh so had to cook mine rather than use it as garnish at the end.

I did make a bit of a mistake with the volume of chicken stock.  It turns out that 14ox of stock is closer to 400 ml than the litre carton I poured in.  It was easy enough to drain off the excess once I realised my mistake and it didn't affect the final result.  In fact, my sauce ended up being on the more liquid side of creamy which I personally prefer.

The sauce gets its richness from the 2 cups of grated parmesan you add to the pot after cooking and off the flame.  I then added a squirt of lemon juice to lighten the flavour as well as some extra ground pepper.

It was a huge hit with the both of us and much nicer than anything that could come out of a packet.

Shift - Target, jacket - J Crew, leggings - Costco.

Hope you're having a lovely Friday.  I'm going to be living it in leopard.


  1. Dinner looks great and will definitely be cooking it. Loving your Friday outfit! Nearly bought leopard print gumboots today from Rivers ( reduced to nearly $15 a pair). Have a great weekend. Den xxx

  2. Leopard print is a neutral, you know :D

  3. Oh I like how easy this sounds to make! I'm trying hard to strike the balance between cooking easy meals that we can all eat and branching out to give baby some variation in his meals. It's hard!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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