Jun 3, 2015

Winter Busyness.

The double rainbow and rose gold sky of Monday morning seem like they were a lifetime ago.

It''s been one of those busy, busy weeks for me and half my luck, I'm working the first half of this long weekend coming up.

We're team Vicks here at SSG Manor, I'm rarely without a soothing gob of it painted across my chest and the team vaporizer has been pressed into action 24/7 as we deal with another (what a surprise) week of head colds.

You know what they say about feeding a cold.  Well, even if they hadn't said it, I've still been doing it.

I've spent an awful lot of time at my local About Life eating mindfully and ethically.  Who knew that paleo the dreaded 'p' word could taste so good?

Coconut body scrub ready to go at About Life.

I could get used to having an About Life as my local grocery store.

A few turns of this Peanut Butter Mill and you've got yourself a jar of Cacao Almond butter.  The plain almond one is all nutty crunch with just a hint of sweetness.  Which I like to amplify with honey.

I just feel so ethically sound and closer to nature with each purchase.  Even with the coffees I buy at their cafe.

But the wholesome eating hasn't stopped there.

I then went 100% vegan with these Crispy Fruits Pure Strawberry pieces at Costco.

Literally at Costco.  It's hungry work loading those hefty Costco trolleys with jumbo packs of paper towels and nappies.  The strawberry Crispy Fruits are amazingly good for a freeze dried fruit.  They actually taste of strawberry.  Toddler SSG is loving them too.  They've been a welcome break from the often repetitive cycle of winter citrus our fruit bowl often finds itself in at this time of the year.

I'm conveniently blaming my shopping buddies for this but mum was still peckish after a packet of fruit so we went thirds of a hot dog whilst I had a whole Pepsi max post mix to myself.  The irony of guzzling this down whilst clad in thermals and polar fleece was not lost on me.

Either the processed or the pure foods or the combination of the two must have done the trick because I was feeling remarkably sprightly today.

Tuxedo jacket and skinny tailored trousers - J Crew, long sleeve dolman T - Country Road (I know.  Been a long while since that shoppe's graced my wardrobe), boots - Frankie4 and necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium.

As evidenced by my wearing an outfit that was Instagram worthy (in that it hashtagged well, relative to everything else I've worn this week) only to realise that it didn't actually lend itself well to selfies.

And I even made it to the gym after work today.  Accessorised with my old lady stainless steel thermos as a water bottle.  It's that cold in Sydney us indoor PT programme following gladiators have to rehydrate with warm water these days.

It's soup day tomorrow and the fridge is fully stocked with the key ingredients.  If you're going to use blue cheese in a soup, go hard and go for the Roaring Forties blue.

And for potatoes?  Carismas.  Because you can never have too much of the potato or the quality in your life in this weather.

Bidding you a warm good night as I sneak off to bed early,


  1. There are lots of low carb low GI potatoes about.
    I'm skeptical.
    Warm water in the gym, 'eh? Never tried it.
    I hope that you get some rest this weekend.

  2. It's funny, I'm thinking of heading to bed early tonight too, it's just so cold!

    I froze some pumpkin soup for baby a week or two ago - have been tempted to grab a few of the portions out for myself haha!

    Hope you are staying cosy and warm - and that the eating healthy kick (with the odd soda thrown in) hangs around through winter. I'm trying to resist the lure of chocolate. Maybe I should defrost some of that soup....

    Away From The Blue

  3. Wow look at that rainbow, it's stunning! I must check out the dried fruit next time I'm at Costco too, I was remarkably restrained last time I was there. That reminds me...I still have the giant bag of Cacao in my pantry doing nothing. Love that RPE necklace by the way! x


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