Jul 15, 2015

A Life On Repeat.

Life's on repeat at the moment so if this post wasn't primarily about Aldi, it would've been about domestic noir again.  But don't stress because I'm a creature of habit so it'll be back to domestic noir very soon.  I'm in the middle of yet another novel from the genre and it's so good I reckon I'll be able to review it for you sometime this weekend.

But back to Aldi.  You know how it is.  You go in looking for the $24.99 jaffle maker, find it, heave it into your trolley...

but somehow end up leaving with an enviro bag full of Dutch goodies as well.  I'm intrigued about the cake mixes.  The apple cake one requires the addition of a few fresh apples.  I'm planning on baking them for my next morning tea duty.

The changing of the guard in the SSG Manor pantry.  We're off the Chia Seed bandwagon until further notice.

And the chocolate sprinkles specifically for use on buttered white bread?  They're going to part of the new breakfast lineup for Toddler SSG.  Planning breakfasts for him is almost as strategic as deciding on breakfast radio hosts for FM radio, come to think of it.

For the record, I'm Team Jonesy and Amanda (WSFM 101.7 Pure Gold).  They're both good fun, relatable and do earthy humour with more with than some of their seedier competitors.

Speaking of earthy good fun, Rod Stewart, A$AP and James Corden doing carpool karaoke.  If I'm as quick and full of life at 70 as Rod is, I'll be a very lucky woman indeed.


In the meantime, I'll just keep plugging away at being nearly forty at the gym with my dodgy back.  I've rekindled my relationship with the rower this week and so far, my back's holding up.

Did you have a jaffle machine?  What's your go to jaffle this winter?


  1. The sprinkles (hagelslag) are great on peanut butter - toast or bread, wholemeal, white, wholegrain, it's all good. It's my daily breakfast!

    I'll have to go check out Aldi to stock up, in desperation I bought my last supply online since Woolies is always out of stock.

    1. Great idea re the sprinkles, Mim. I love peanut butter everything too.

      SSG xxx


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