Jul 3, 2015

As A Long Term Target Fan. Pea and Ham Soup.

I just couldn't and I just didn't.

As a long term Target lover, it pains me to have had to write this about their latest Australian designer collaboration.  The neoprene shoes, the cut out backs in white shirts, the laser cut backs to jackets and across skirts.  It all looked wonderful and in context on the models in the shoot but sadly, none of it is really going to work with my body shape and lifestyle.

It's been more miss than hit with my recent clothing purchases in general, actually.  A much anticipated OzSale purchase of a couple of three piece wool suits for work failed spectacularly.  Despite carefully reading the designer's size measurement, the size I thought I was ended up being ridiculously too small.  Fortunately, OzSale have a very efficient returns process which will leave me with a store credit in a few days' time.  So here's hoping they'll be doing another suit sale soon.


Fortunately, some things have gone to plan this week.  I've just bought our tickets to the Sydney performance of The Wiggles' Christmas show on December 19.  Interestingly, the Ticketek website now appears to have crashed while Target's (featuing the Dion Lee collab) is still going strong.

Apparently, you can also pre book parking at the arena in Sydney so I'll definitely be doing this.  If you went last year, do you know if there are shuttle buses to the arena on the day?  Also, if you had any memories of what the food and coffee situation were at the venue too.

And I managed to find the last Melissa and Doug farm animal sound puzzle at Aldi on Wednesday for Toddler SSG.

I've been on Instagram this week with a photo of my latest batch of Julie Goodwin Pea and Ham soup being made.  For those who have requested the recipe, here's the link to it on Julie's website.

It's mu favourite pea soup because of its use of frozen peas along with the traditional dried peas.  I use a slow cooker for mine and do not make any alteration to the fluid content of Julie's recipe.  Using bacon bones rather than hock seems to make the soup less heavy and rich but it is also a bit more of a job removing the bones before blending.

It's the best lunch with a couple of pieces of buttered toast.

The winter chill has really set in over the last couple of days.  It is now officially wear your North Face puffer jacket to work season.

And it's getting harder to find the motivation to stay fit by moving more and eating less.  I'm trying to be realistic with my fitness goals.  With the level of busyness in my life right now, aiming to move it most days of the week at a moderate pace is going to be more achievable than trying to follow a bikini body challenge (I'm actually following the 30 Day LBD Challenge for the record, makes more sense for me as I own way more black dresses thank bikinis).

Eating less has worked out to mean skipping the fries when ordering the Minion Happy meal Toddler SSG sometimes is allowed when I've exhausted my repertoire of home cooked meals.

Did you buy anything from the Dion Lee collaboration?

Do you live with a picky and strong willed toddler?  How are you coping?

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. How to get a bikini body: Get bikini, put it on body.
    Stay warm x

  2. I'm all for fashion forward, but some things are just a bit too forward... I think you made the right choice!

  3. I've just gone and had a look at the collection now too. Also having a hard time imagining some of the pieces on me, but that works out as I'm doing a no buy July challenge anyway haha.

    That soup looks like a lovely way to stay warm over winter! I haven't made my first soup of the season yet but it's sure to come, was so cold here today!

    Away From The Blue

  4. The Dion Lee for Target lookbook had me lusting after 2 pieces but I too, changed my mind after seeing them in real life.

    As for staying fit or at least squeezing 12 minutes worth of exercise into your day. Have you considered the 12-Minute Royal Canadian Air Force Workout? Apparently Dame Helen Mirren swears by it. I have gone as far as printing it out but have not yet started it myself.


  5. Me too dissapointed by the Dion Lee. None of it seemed very wearable. I may go back to purchase a pair of the tights though. My toddler has always been a good eater but suddenly he wants to eat what he wants. He is constantly asking me for "snacks".


  6. I'm doing a Blog catch-up this evening and it's refreshing to read some good down-to-earth real issues :-) I knew the Dion Lee range would not be for me so I'm saving my coins for a rainy day elsewhere. I am totally 'Wiggled out' at the moment as my youngest insists on watching the DVD's and reading the books. Every. Single. Day! I feel he's too young to warrant taking to a show but you never know I might be there in the crowd somewhere next year perhaps xx

  7. I was keen on the exercise tights and jacket, but the materials felt icky when I went in store. The jacket is good in theory, but at only two thin layers doesn't really serve a purpose. I don't run outdoors. Or, at all.
    Frankie scored the Wiggles tickets too - I got sucked into joining the "premium" level of fan club membership to gain early access. I'm glad though, because the good seats did disappear early and the merch pack will be a good Father Christmas addition.
    Keep pumping!

  8. You know how I feel about that Dion Lee x Target...

    I'm really missing Pea and Ham soup, I feel like I should make a batch this weekend!


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