Jul 19, 2015

At This Point Of Winter.

 Winter is the time of year where you can never have too many mugs on the shelf in your kitchen.

Monochrome in the kitchen.  Makes mismatched look just a little fancy.

Somehow, dishwasher and sink washing loads never seem to keep up with the endless demand for steaming hot cups of tea.  And when you need a cup of tea in winter, you needed it five minutes ago.  So it goes without saying that washing a cup and drying it while you wait for the kettle to boil would be completely out of the question.  No, opening the cupboard to find a dry cup ready to go is really where it's at this time of the year.  I've filled out the numbers on my shelf with those 59 cent cups from Ikea (not going to ask how Ikea can charge that for a mug).

Clothing wise, you make do with what you have (unless it's ridiculously cheap at the shops) because it's only a few weeks, really, until spring.  Though the fashion world is already feeling summer with their style forecasts.  It's been a serendipitous weekend in my wardrobe.  I've found my Target thermal tops from 2012 (the one year I managed to get in store before my size sold out) and will be working them in with those new light weight sweaters from Cotton On.

The pantry always smells delicious on account of all the chocolaty treats you've been squirrelling away to help you cope with the cold.

Those endless cups of tea come into their own when you use them to heat up your Dutch syrup wafers.  The heat and steam softens up the wafer whilst they melt the syrup a little too.  So hard to stop at one of each.

There's just something about Targets and being a mum.  There's always some reason for you to be there.  If it's not for the little ones, it's something wash and wearable for you or sometimes (just sometimes) it's because you need some lino-ed flooring upon which to wheel a pram full of nearly asleep toddler along just to help things along.

Anyway.  Last night, twitter told me that selected renovated Targets have their very own cafes these days.  The coffee's meant to be great and you can even have high tea there.  I've been trying to google where the Sydney ones are (because none of my regular Targets seem to have been touched by magical cafe fairy dust) but to no avail.

What my local Target does have is plenty of Dion Lee.  It was quite strange just how orderly, well stocked and ... quiet that section of the store was in comparison to Missoni last year and the general Saturday afternoon level of busyness elsewhere in the store.

I did see this black mesh knit dress ($109 from memory) and the grey zip up sweater ($90 approximately) below that weren't online but I'm not completely sold on either.

The weather's been good to Sydney today.  There's a backlog of laundry almost dry on the line

and I've been attacking the floorboards with O'Cedar.  Woolworths seems to be the only major to stock it but it's well worth finding if you can because it really does bring out the shine and colour in your floorboards.

Toddler SSG and I drew and coloured our way through The Very Hungry Caterpillar's smorgasboard this morning.  Our work is as close as I can see myself getting to the adult colouring in book trend that's sweeping the world at the moment.

Lunch brought back memories of a favourite childhood Sunday lunch.  Jaffles with savoury mince.

Goes without saying that they always have to be overstuffed!

Have you been to a Target cafe?  Know if there are any in Sydney?


  1. Target cafe... Sounds like mumtopia.
    It's been so cold in melbs that going outside makes me want to cry.

  2. I haven't been to a target cafe yet, but there is a HUGE new Target store out here and if there is one in Brisbane it would be that one. I'm not too confident parking in that shopping centre though so never been, haha! I tried to park at a new to me westfield once and scratched the car, so I stick to my 'home' stores now when I'm driving, ha!

    I wonder if everyone is waiting for the Dion Lee range to go on sale? I was so surprised to see the Missoni stuff marked down twice, after all the fuss over it on launch day.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I'll be keeping an eye out for the mark downs...

      SSG xxx

  3. Ooh please do tell where you got your stroopwafel from!?! I picked up the cake mix from Aldi after you mentioned it but failed to notice you need to BYO waffles. Oops

    1. Blanche,
      I got mine at Aldi too. Fingers crossed you find some at your local one too.

      SSG xxx

  4. Dear SSG
    I'm a long time reader of your blog which I so enjoy reading curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea (not
    necessarily hot though due to my 2 darling cherubs). Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and a small part of your life with us.
    Jo from Perth xx

    1. Dear Jo

      Thank you for your lovely comment! Very humbling to hear from long time readers like you.

      Much love

      SSG xxx


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