Jul 21, 2015

Before I Go to the Dentist.

The build up has been excruciating at times, but the day has finally arrived.  I'm going to the dentist this afternoon.  I made an appointment a week ago and since then, I've experienced every dental symptom possible.  Sensitive gums, an odd taste in my mouth, sharp stabbing pains when I brush my teeth....  I even had a themed nightmare last night which saw me wake up at 2am convinced I was going to lose all my teeth today.

Now that the sun is up, I'm slightly calmer but not much more rational.  I've been doing the housework with extra zeal, making mental bargains with the dentist's chair.  Extra loads of washing have been hung out, floors mopped with extra care and the lemon tree has even been harvested as I trade chores for potentially traumatic dental procedures.

One of my lemons has been zested and juiced to make a marinade for chicken thighs.

I've based the marinade on a Donna Hay classic which also uses garlic and oregano - I've used fresh today herbs today rather than dried and thyme rather than oregano.  Doesn't it just look like summer?

I've made plenty to spare so a few thighs will be going into the freezer for later on.

Next jeggings - $41 per pair, in dark blue and mid blue washes.

My Next jeggings arrived last night and they're a great fit and capital 'C' Comfortable.  The denim was surprisingly weighty for the price.  There's another version on the website which are pull on but I prefer the zip / button front.

I was so caught up in trying on my Next stuff after getting home from work last night that dinner was a couple of jaffles.  Two versions were on offer: a selection of leftovers from the fridge (pasta and chicken) and my old school favourite tinned (or jarred as was the case last night) asparagus both served with cheese.

If I hadn't shared this on Instagram, I'd have had no idea that so many people hadn't ever eaten asparagus and cheese jaffles!!  It was obviously a jaffle filling idea that I was meant to share for the greater good.  Canned asparagus has this slightly salty taste and mushy texture that's different but similar to its fresh cousin at the same time.  As is the case with many tinned foods, just because you hate the fresh version, it is not necessarily a foregone conclusion that you'll loathe the long shelf life one.  It's a great foil to melted cheese.

In other jaffle related news, I tried a dutch chocolate bread sprinkle version for Toddler SSG's breakfast this morning.

Technically, it was a success.  The bread toasted perfectly in the jaffle maker and the chocolate melted just so.

It tasted like chocolate bread.  Which it basically is.

But Toddler SSG wasn't having any of that bread business.  He went straight to the chocolate filling and stayed there until every last 'pinch' was gone.

Better get my jeggings on.  Have to eat what is potentially my last meal ever before going to the dentist.  Yes, you can.  Roll your eyes at my dramatics....

Wish me luck!


  1. Oh, I hear you re the Dentist. I had a very uncomplicated two wisdom tooth (upper) removal yesterday!!!! Before I left I was convinced I was going to die!!! Still had to take a General for surgical extraction but it was the end of the world for me before!!!! Where do people find their strength who undergo huge medical treatments? Respect there.
    You are right about the pickled asparagus bring completely different. It's nice in cooked foods and savouries. What about Toddler SSG pinching out all of the chocolate melt sprinkles. Little tike! Xxx

    1. Hope you're okay today post surgery, Flora!

      I survived. Just have to go back in a few weeks for a filling to get redone. Got off lightly!

      SSG xxx

  2. Oh I hope the dentist went well! I was always curious about people who were scared of the dentist, even after braces and the many hours in the chair and all the pain associated with that, I was never afraid.

    Then I had a horrible wisdom tooth removal - should have gone for the surgery instead of in the chair! - and apart from multiple trips back to find out why on earth my poor gums weren't healing as much as they should, I've never been back since. I am now officially terrified! The last time I went back to hear that it would heal up in a couple weeks (this was about 2 months after it was supposed to have 'healed in a couple weeks') he said I could book in time to get the other wisdom teeth removed.....couldn't get out of there fast enough! I brush and floss like mad and ignore any toothache I get as I am honestly too scared.

  3. Hope that the dentist visit went well, SSG *hugs*
    Toddler SSG's jaffle looks like my dream brekkie!

  4. I hope the dentist was a success! I'm a sucker for a kitchen gadget but surprisingly don't have a jaffle maker... After seeing these recipes I may need to invest. I wonder how well gluten free bread would hold up in them? I have to say those chicken thighs look amazing. I'm jealous of home grown lemons - I wish it were hot enough here for them!

  5. I"m terrible with the dentist but it looks like you had a good resolution to your dental 'woes'. Are the next jeggings true to size? x


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