Jul 1, 2015

Friends. Financial New Years Day.

First up, I'd like to apologize in advance if this post makes even less sense than usual.  I'm in the throes of a major cheese and cake coma from morning tea at work today.

We outdid ourselves with the line up of cake, cheese, crackers, prosciutto, gourmet lollies that graced the conference table today.  There was barely any room for notes and files but we improvised.  We also chair hopped so that everyone had fair access to the 10 different cheese on offer and the three home baked cakes too.

I know that sugar is the enemy and that we're all meant to be quitting it and I know that we all snack far too often on processed, salty foods but you know what?  Our once a week morning teas are good for our smiles and souls.  We feel spoiled by our colleagues and somehow a sneaky wedge of home made chocolate cake with a mug of catering quality tea in the tea room feels as luxurious as a weekend brunch at a trendy inner city cafe.

That warm and fuzzy feeling from morning tea got me thinking about all the other treasured friendships in my life.  June has been a difficult month for quite a few people I know and I think there's a great sense of relief within them all that June 2015 is finally behind us.  Done, dusted and never to rear its hurtful head again.

From my perspective, June 2015 has encouraged me to be a more supportive and present friend.  There are times when it's hard to know what to do when a friend is suffering.  For me, the line between crowding them or seeming to avoid them or appear to 'not care' is finer than you might think.  I've made some tentative steps from behind the veil of apparent aloofness I sometimes think cloaks me and been 'forward'.  I've asked people how they're travelling, I've told them things about myself that I hope hasn't been too much information or oversharing and I've checked in on them.

I don't know how much I've helped and I'm not intending this to be a 'look at me being a wonderful friend' kind of post but it has felt right.  The kind of right that sits in your heart and reminds you that even when you think you're going through pointless crap, someone out there will one day get some comfort from your ability to work through said crap and be all the better for it.

Conversely, while I've been trying to be a better friend, my friend have come through for me as well.  To all of you with your supportive words, sense of humour (dark, absurd or otherwise), great shares on Facebook and preciously relatable moments shared on Instagram, thank you, thank you, thank you.


Being the Financial New Years day and all, I could't write this post without mentioning something new and financial.  Meet my new Nike Dunk Sky Hi Essentials.  ASOS currently have them on sale at $118 from $169.

Do you want to hear the embarrassingly superficial reason I bought them?  To wear to the park.  Where no other mum ever wears hiking shoes and stretched out of shape jeans (together or separately).  I know I should be above comparing my off duty wardrobe to those of other mums but I was a voracious  teenage and pre Toddler SSG reader of womens magazines.  Wardobe comparisons are an unfortunate part of the territory that remains with me despite my quitting the reading material years ago.

It's not that I want to prove anything to anyone (at least not consciously) but as the big 4-0 looms ahead of me (next month!?!?!), I just suddenly feel like wanting to wear all the things.  To turn the concept of age appropriateness on its head.  To make my legs look longer, my thighs narrower and to draw attention away from my mum pouch that looks more like a food baby these days.  Apparently, a wedge heeled sneaker could do all of this for me and be more comfortable than Spanx.  Which are possibly one thing I'm not in a hurry to ever wear again.

It probably will end up looking a lot like mutton dressed as lamb but ASOS have an excellent returns system but also, I'm too old to care and too young to know any better!

As I wait for my Nikes to arrive, I'll be dusting of my partner in crime's pair in preparation for our next trip to the park.

Have you ever felt bad about that state of your weekend / off duty wardrobe?

Did you think about your numerical age before purchasing a pair of Sky Hi Essentials?


  1. While I can't say I feel pressure to fit in with the other mummies, I do find myself taking 'inspiration' from what they wear! I was obsessed with maxi skirts over my pregnancy - a style tip from a colleague who made maxi skirts look stylish and comfortable in her third trimester in the office. And I blame that for the reason I turned up to a playdate with another mum in a similar outfit (different items, but cardi, tee, scarf, converse and jeans.....). I think it's natural to see something you like on others and want to try it yourself.

    For what it's worth I think you will rock those shoes and I'm sure your friends (and other mums at the park) would agree!

  2. I loved this post! Your morning tea sounds delicious and I agree - yes, we could all be eating better etc etc etc but a once a week morning tea sounds like a lovely little treat :)

    As for your thoughts on being a supportive friend, I think you summed it up very well and I'm sure your friends are glad for your efforts. Hope everyone is okay and stronger for coming through it.

    I'm sure you'll rock the heck out of those sneakers! Age is but a number :) Wear em with pride!

  3. I love those shoes! And hey, dress for your life, whatever it may be, right?

  4. Re the shoes- I've seen them on some women who aren't spring chickens and they look great sports luxe.
    Re the friendship - xxx is all I have to say :)


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