Jul 28, 2015

The Wolfpack. Maggie's Apricot Jam.

I'm officially an Aunty now.   Both my adorable little nephews have arrived safely now and settling in well with their respective parents on both sides of the country.  

I know that we often feel that our health system isn't what it once was and that hospitals seem to be stretched further and further with ever diminishing resources but Australia, you really do come through for the littlest of the little ones.  Every single one of them.  For them, there will always be beds in the special care nursery.  For them, there will always the nurses and equipment necessary to give these little miracles the very best possible start in life. 

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It's not just the skill and compassion of the staff but also the volunteers who do so many 'little' things to make those sometimes daunting first few weeks a little smoother.  I don't think I'll ever be able to look a hand knitted baby beanie straight in the eye again.  Because I'd only get teary recalling just how important those cosy head warmers are during those early weeks in the incubator.

And just like that, my brothers and I have gotten ourselves our very own wolfpack.  With a 28 month age gap among the three cousins, it is our hope that the three boys will grow up as close to each other as brothers.  May it be 'all for one and one for all' no matter what they get up to.  

Arguably one of the best uses of an Ikea Mammut chair ever.

Just call me smug, but I'm still going strong with Dry July.  My stash of Maggie Beer sparkling non alcoholic wine piccolos has been keeping me company during impromptu wine and cheese sessions on the sofa during afternoon nap time.

In fact, I've been such a loud and proud Maggie Beer fan that Maggie's public relations company kindly set me a special delivery last week.

Inside the carefully wrapped parcel was a jar of Maggie's Apricot Jam ($9.95 a jar).  A thick and fruity jam that is best enjoyed 'spread generously onto thick pieces of wholemeal toast with lashings of unsalted butter' as per the label's seductive instructions.

I did my best with what I had on hand - thick slices of (hidden fibre white) toast and lashings of SSG Manor's official butter - salted Lurpak.

Maggie's jam is perfection.  It's not one of those 'chunks of fruit' thick jams but rather a slow, oozing kind of thick one.  It has the perfect taste of nothing but fresh apricots (from Maggie's orchard in the Barossa) and yes, more is more when it comes to eating this on toast.  Maggie reckons its the best batch of apricot jam to come from her fruit so far and she's not wrong.  I also love its golden orange colour, it's like a burst of much needed sunshine at this time of the year.

Maggie's entire range of products is available online through her website as well as at a list of select retailers, some of which are listed on the website too.

And with that, I'm off out into the sun.

Take care and have a lovely day too!

Thank you to the team at Maggie Beer for their support of my blog by providing their jam for my review.


  1. Congratulations on your new nephews! Such good news. We are privileged to live in places where healthcare is there when it matters.

  2. Congrats on the safe arrival of your nephews SSG! :) One of my friends has had the best life, but she has always been affected by her experiences of her tiny little premie baby in the NICU. She's decided now that her baby is all grown up, to go back and work in the NICU! She got her nursing degree and landed a job in her dream hospital. I am so proud of her and it's wonderful for her to be able to experience it from the other side with all the caring and compassion of a parent who has been there before.

    I too have many relatives that wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the wonderful hospital NICUs.

    1. Thank you for sharing your friend's inspiring story, Mica!


  3. Wonderful news for your family. Congratulations to all!
    May the boys grow up to be close and know that they have each other's back. Our 11 year old & his closest in age cousin have already decided they're buying a home together as soon as they can & will pay it off together.
    Am also eternally grateful that we have such a great health care system. Den xxx

  4. Mmmmm lurpak.. That's so good that they are close. I didn't know that you had twin nephews.
    It will be so good that they are close in age!
    I need to try this Maggie Beer jam, what about the verjuice? Did you get sent some of that?

  5. I like the sound of that jam!
    You are a worthy Maggie Beer advocate :)
    I look forward to more Maggie Beer reviews from you.
    I need to scout out where I can buy some ...


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