Aug 14, 2015

The Late Winter Sun. Chicken Curry.

How can you not have a smile on your face (or babycino) with the weather being the way it is in Sydney right now?

Toddler SSG and I took the scenic route on the bus yesterday as we made our way through Thursday's 'to-do' list.

I'm going to take some poetic licence and say that the sun streaming through the stained glass off the bus stop inspired my outfit today.

Dress - Shelley Segal via the Premium Outlet in Orlando, beads - Red Phoenix Emporium, skivvy - Uniqlo.

While it is sunny enough for a frock, it's still just a little chilly in the morning.  Hence my use of the good old skivvy under a dress trick.

The department stores have been rolling out their vision for Spring Summer on their celebrity studded catwalks in Sydney these last few days.  Apparently it's all about the 80s, white on white and lots of other stuff I don't personally see working for me.  Big W sort of rescued me from the fashion doldrums with their display of the Kardashian Kids girlswear collection for spring. Pinks, patterns and prettiness.  Why can't grown women have a bit of each to look forward to this spring as well?

It really was a 'sort of' rescue because none of it is in my size....  I am crushing on those pink tutus with the gold spots.

Toddler SSG had his first free run at Big W yesterday.  He demanded to be deprammed, got himself a shopping basket and then paced the aisles carefully selecting colourful, shiny boxes from the shelves that he then gently placed in his basket.  Do you also walk around Big W pushing an empty pram in the wake of your free range toddler?  How do you handle the inevitable 'let's say goodbye to xxxx and put it back in its spot' second lap of the store?

But winter isn't about to let go of us easily.  Even if she is throwing these sunny days at us like there's no tomorrow.  It's been getting seriously windy and cold at night still.  Which is all the better for enjoying a good chicken curry with, I suppose.

I'm a new convert to Tean's Gourmet brand of Malaysian Chicken Curry but I'm in esteemed company.  My blogging buddy Ling is a fan as is my Aunty (Toddler SSG's beloved graunty).  The paste makes a rich curry of medium spiciness.  I added a couple of tomatoes, onion and garlic to fill out the flavour (and to make me feel as if I was cooking a curry rather than simply opening packets to create one).  You might have to hunt this particular paste out as it's not sold at supermarkets but rather at Asian grocers.  From memory it was under $5 per packet.

And that's about it from me today, dear readers.

I'm still corresponding with Myriam and her wonderfully lyrical French English about the bag.  I'm trying to convince myself, as I start a working weekend, that our correspondence is practically as fun as going to Paris to speak with her in person.  It's not really working but at least the coffee is better here in Sydney and the almond croissants almost as good as their Parisian cousins.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Absolutely nothing quite like a good curry, now is there:).

  2. isn't the weather stunning at the mo? And the sunsets have been so pretty. That babycino makes me smile!

  3. Oh I can totally relate to the toddler pram issue. My toddler hates the pram now and when we went to ikea this week he insisted on pushing his own pram around.



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