Sep 25, 2015

Moved In and Fridgeless.


We survived to tell the tale, Toddler SSG and I.  It was only a half hour's drive across the city but for all intents and purposes, we might as well have moved interstate or overseas.  I only ended up having to take one day off work but it's felt like I've been away for a week.  I'm also feeling a little jet lagged and disorientated.  Must have been from spending all my waking hours these last few days circling around a mass of boxes and furniture that looks like it's never going to fit into the new house.

Fortunately, my bed did fit into my room after all....  Appearance can be deceptive.  The wardrobe situation is whole other story.
We're still at the everything's here it's just in the wrong spot stage of the move which means I've lost my phone six times in the last couple of days, my car keys twice and my wallet once.

I was irrationally proud of myself for even making it to work on time this morning.  I was so on fire that I even had time to check on the first few online orders I've made to the new house.  Looks like my new iPhone made it to mine in good time through this morning's horrible weather and traffic.

The house is starting to feel like home.  The bath has been scrubbed and decked out with a new shower curtain.

There's also the reassuring smell of Dettol in the air.  I tell you what, that first steaming hot shower after a day spent moving was the best shower I've had all year.

And on the second day, we woke up, got dressed practically for a day on our feet and went in search of breakfast.  

One of the good things about being fridgeless is having to go out for breakfast on a weekday morning.  I had this very lively looking bowl of Chia seed Bircher muesli.

While Toddler SSG had butter and bacon.  The sourdough was there purely for decorative purposes as far as he was concerned.

I don't know if I have any really helpful tips for moving with a toddler.  The only bit of packing that worked out well for us was to have one set of bed linen, PJs and towels packed into a distinctive looking bag that can be easily found and differentiated from everything else that gets delivered to the new house. I also had a box that I took with me in the car filled with basic kitchen supplies as well formula and the nappy bag.

If you're going to be fridgeless for a few days - then don't forget the Esky.

Other than that, just be prepared that it's going to be long and tiring few days.  Enlist friends and relatives if you can to give you all a bit of a break and a chance to share the load.  My brother lent his time and a second car to make a final trip from the old house with things that the removalists couldn't take (fragile light fittings and unwrapped small electrical goods) and don't forget your real estate agents!!  They are a wealth of knowledge for reliable local tradespeople and builders who will be able to help with any unforeseen dramas relating to the move or settling into your new place.

And that's about all I've got for you today.  I'm off to try and put my feet up for the next few days and possibly finding some selfish, all about me things to do in the new 'hood.  I think this might involve overcoming my fear of my new local Westfield at Bondi Junction.

If' you're a Junction regular, any tips for young players?  Where's good for coffee?  It's a given that I'll be leaving my credit cards at home just in case I accidentally find myself in the spendy store section.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Treat. Yo. Self.
    You've done good.
    Luvvvv the floors.

  2. Moving is such a pain!

    Luxe at Westfield Bondi Jn is good - also worth checking out Lady J up the street.

    1. Will remember Luxe, miss posy. I walked past the other day so know how to find it.

      SSG xxx

  3. Glad you're all moved in, and hope you get a new fridge soon! :)

    I'll remember that tip about packing a special bag just for the toddler for when we eventually move into a bigger place. Not having much luck searching!

    1. Best of luck with the search for the new place, M!

      SSG xxx

  4. Parking in The Jungle as I call it can be scary. I find parking in Eastgate the smaller shopping centre a short distance from Westfield slightly more relaxing.
    It's got kmart, coles and spotlight across the road.
    Avoid on the weekend and before Christmas

  5. So happy for you that you have moved and somewhat settled now - it's a huge feat and I can't even imagine how difficult it would have been with a toddler to think about as well. Must be a huge relief!

    Sit back and enjoy with one of your delicious baked goodies and a cuppa tea and just soak it all in xx

    1. Thanks, Kay. Hope London is treating you well.

      SSG xxx


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