Sep 16, 2015

Our Newest PM. Just A Quick Chat.

Well, that wasn't what I was expecting to read in my coffee granules the other morning...

Australia, we've just sworn in our fifth Prime Minister in as many years (which is as quick as new iPhone releases.... yes that is an interesting parallel to draw, so much deep symbolism, or not, right there).  John Howard was our last Prime Minister to serve a full term - eight years ago.
So, welcome to Kirribilli, Mr Turnbull. The press are already having a field day about everything that you'll stand to lose as you 'downsize' to the official presidential estate.  I just wish that social media wouldn't get so personal in their criticism of our Prime Ministers past and present.  It's just painfully unfunny, unpleasant, unnecessary and unAustralian.

Getting off my soapbox now.  What am I wishing for?  I'm hoping for political stability which will allow our country to have its say on same-sex marriage, to address our human rights violations in our handling of the people we call 'illegals and unaccompanied minors' and to redefine our international trade identity as the extravagantly hungry markets we once took for granted begin to shrink.  In the meantime, I promise to report any interesting sightings I may have of the Member for Wentworth as I find my feet in my new digs.

Speaking of the new digs.  This is my bedroom floor getting surgically reconstructed this morning.  Turns out I was in the minority when I expressed my love of the bleached out grey that someone had stained the boards with.  My floor man and my mum finally persuaded me to 'go natural and even a bit lighter'.  Perhaps blonde is best when it comes to pine flooring?

Whatever the case may be, I'm also hoping that miracles will be worked and that the whole floor will be blonde perfection by this time next week because that's when I'll be moving in.  With my champagne.

The weather was fortuitously amazing over the weekend.  I'm feeling a bit sad for Toddler SSG because of the packing and slight chaos at home owing to Move-tember.

So on Saturday, we explored the public space at The Concourse in Chatswood.  It's a beautiful open air space that also houses a library, eateries (this is Chatswood after all), a performance venue and other cultural facilities.  It also features many things near to a toddler's heart like heart stoppingly steep flights of open air stairs, lawns for running around on and water features behind glass barricades to peer at.

We also decided on my new iPhone in a scene that looks faintly biblical.

And I was eventually able to order it that night after the apple store flashed its 'we're not open yet but...' notice in about 30 different languages for close to 45 minutes after pre-ordering time officially began.

Waiting for iPhone pre-orders to open with a mug of tea dressed in my jammies on a Saturday night.  It was wild.  Just wild.

Sunday saw us at the Macquarie Centre for a play at Chipmunks.  Toddler SSG had so much fun that he refused to me take off his purple Chipmunks wrist band when we got home.  It ended up lasting two baths and two days at daycare before it fell off.  They're the toddler version of the nightclub wrist stamps some of us collected through uni....

There's also lovely coffee at The Missing Piece.

But sadly, no Sephora just yet.  And still no Sephora Australia online shopping.  Which meant that yes, I had to go to Mecca Maxima for a new grey eyeliner.

The next best thing to Sephora's own brand 12 hour eyeliners are Urban Decay's 24 hour glide on eyeliners.  They're next best in my book because they're twice the price of Sephora's.  But one does what one must when you've got nothing but a stub of grey left at home.  I bought Smoke and the photo above is a swatch of it from an actual beauty blogger.

While weekend sunny days are all about getting out and about, weekday, day off sunny days are all about the chores.  Which I did in my trusty black thongs and track pants.  Because I'm a mum who knows the score when it comes to off duty 'style'....

Is it a bit sad to confess that I felt like I was a sugar free, low carb, flat lay loving, resident of a super white roomed house accented with of the moment kitsch and quotes sanctimommy as I strolled through Coles with my thongs slapping the flooring?  The birds were singing and the butterflies were fluttering as I filled my shopping basket with berries for Toddler SSG.  The sun does this to my imagination when it suddenly appears for days on end at this time of the year.


  1. Yes, please let us know the comings and goings of the Hon. Member for Wentworth and Mrs. Hon Member for Wentworth.

  2. Hope the revamp of the wood floors goes well! :) I wouldn't have minded the grey, it sounds quite nice, but I guess there are benefits to going back to nature! :)

    Hopefully toddler SSG isn't getting too upset about everything starting to get packed away. I remember moving house when I was younger, and crying terribly because my mum had JUST packed away something I wanted to play with earlier that morning, and I was extremely upset I had to wait a few days to play with it, haha! I was old enough to know better too, to be able to remember it! ;)

    1. Fingers crossed he'll be okay and look at it as a big adventure!

      SSG xxx

  3. The Urban Decay 24hr eyeliners look good, how do they compare with the MAC ones?

    1. To be honest, much softer with a richer finish. Stay put and don't smudge unless you purposely soften out the line. Great range of colours. But Sephora does as well for much less.

      SSG xxx


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