Sep 30, 2015

Settling In.

Can you believe it?

It's been one week since I survived the house move.  I'm slowly getting into the groove of the new 'hood.  Bin collection days, locating the local branch of my bank and finding the closest thing the main drag has to a $2 shop (the back few racks of the old school hardware store just across from the Pet Barn).

I've also managed to engage in the 'hood's most favourite thing to do of a morning (besides grabbing coffee in active wear - couldn't resist adding the video to my post today) - getting my hair done. 

Turns out that the 'hood is Sydney's home of the Power Blow Dry.  Every second store seems to be a hairdresser and booking in for a Parlux is a bit like having a coffee - many salons offer a 10th service free.

One of my proudest moments spent exploring the local area was when I managed to not only find the nearest outlet of my gym but also got a parking spot just outside the front door.  Decked out with wood features and inspirational workout messages on the treadmills, it's probably the most zen gym I've ever trained at.  It's also one of the busiest too with most of the cardio machines and weight stations occupied by six in the morning.

I spent the weekend figuring out new bus routes.

And exploring the city from my new point of reference.

A dear friend flew in from Melbourne for the weekend so I met up with him for lunch in Potts Point.  Potts Point is one of those special parts of inner city Sydney to me.  It's basically a love child of the Sohos - New York and London.  I love the streetscape that's one part arty, one part heritage, another ultra modern and yet another ultra hip.  The locals are just as eclectic but also welcoming to boring out of towners like me who don't really get out much.

With dark, rain cloud laden skies outside, the natural choice for lunch was a Connecticut style lobster roll at Waterman's Lobster Company...

and lots of champagne and beer as we caught up on each other's lives.

With my last couple of 'me time' hours, I patrolled the nearest Westfield with a large Max Brenner in one hand - just like old times.

Some exciting news for the Givenchy fans....

Back at SSG Manor 2.0, we've managed to unpack enough boxes to reveal the kitchen floor and bench tops.

We also have a fridge, a Fisher & Paykel French door arrangement that's already wearing my fridge magnet collection.

I'm especially fond of the pull out drawers in the freezer. So easy to clean and to find things in.  I went old school with the dishwasher and got one configured with a cutlery basket rather than a fiddly (and hence annoying) cutlery drawer.

Various things have arrived in the post,

including my much anticipated 49 colour set of Faber-Castells from Indonesia (love the elephant stamp).

And I've also done my first Woolies online order.  These under bed storage bags are for me to make the best use of the only potential wardrobe space I still have at my disposal.

Other than that, there's not much else to report around these parts.  Hayfever is slowly sapping away at my will to live and I'm still without a landline or internet at home thanks to some crazy wire cutting that went down before I moved in...

Are you a cutlery basket or tray person?

Fan or not of online grocery shopping?


  1. It is only ever about the cutlery basket. Never heard of a cutlery drawer. Sounds scary and unusual.

    Lovely digs.

  2. Hope you get your internet sorted! Pleased all else is going well though and your settling in nicely :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  3. Givenchy!!!! No need to have my bags shipped from Harvey Nichols any longer - woo hoo!

    Congrats on surviving the move!


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