Sep 5, 2015

The World Right Now. Paying It Forward.

The world seems an even crazier and darker place than usual right now.  This last week has seen some harrowing images of the human face of the current EU migrant crisis which is what it seems we needed to realise that turning back the boats isn't just about border protection it's also a lot about playing God over people's lives.  People whose lives are just so horrific in the countries they used to call home that they'd do anything to escape the endless nightmares.  People who have been treated so brutally that surviving a perilous journey to the west only to live in limbo in a train station in Budapest or in Calais represents a freedom they will do anything to keep.

I am ashamed to say that it's taken the crisis to reach catastrophic proportions for me to even begin to try and understand what these people have been escaping from and what the countries of the EU are trying to do.  The Australian answer has been Nauru and the turning back of boats (will we perhaps one day import something from Germany besides performance automobiles - aspects of their foreign policy, perhaps?).  And yes, it was just headlines and grainy photos of people at sea to me for a very long time.  I've got so much going on in my own life, you see, family, work, me and absolutely not enough time or me with which to make it all happen.  

But something's changed in me this week.  As I've put my toddler to bed fresh from a bath in his just laundered pyjamas.  He's had a day full of fresh air and sun, meals based on whatever we felt like at the supermarket, medications he needs that I just went to the pharmacy to buy and after a bit he sleeps with an expression of calm and innocence written across his well nourished face.  It pains me to know that there are millions of children affected by this crisis who will never know this life.  And that much of their pain has been inflicted upon them not by natural disasters or disease epidemics but as a result of the actions of adults.

I was apathetic for so long but now I'm angry.  Angry enough to start doing something about it.  But also angry enough to appreciate what and whom I have in my life right now.  And to be a more patient and giving person as a consequence.

Meanwhile, in the parallel universe also known as my life, it's been first world problem central.

While I now have the gloriously vintage keys to my equally vintage looking new place,

the current SSG Manor is still looking very much full of stuff despite the number of boxes towering in the corners of most rooms of the house.

Fragile does not even begin to describe how I'm feeling right now.  Anxious, overwhelmed...  It's not just me, moving house is officially one of life's most stressful events.

Everything has to be put into labelled boxes.  And heaven knows that I know that life isn't that cut and dried.  And what doesn't go into a box has to be gotten rid of.  Again, easier said than done.

I've tried all the usual things I do to stay calm during this pretty crappy time of my life period of transition.

It's been soothing to churn through the water and put my feet up after filling a few packing boxes.

And coffee dates with Toddler SSG have been a great way to diffuse the tension that arises in toddlers when all their stuff is packed away into piles of boxes that they'd love to climb or topple over but never seem to be allowed to.  The packing process has also unearthed a few hidden lipstick gems tucked away in pockets and bags.  Do you remember the Revlon Lip Butter frenzy from a few years back?  They're still a good glossy option after all this time.

The sun's been out an awful lot which always makes things better and more bearable.  On a quiet day at work this week, I took a walk during my lunch break and bought some note cards from a local independent bookstore.  I felt that I got to know Balmain a little better as I read the store's notices about upcoming events in the community and participated in the banter between the owner and some of her regular customers.

And I received this bouquet of freesias from the departing juniors on my team.  It was such a thoughtful and beautiful gift that took me completely by surprise.  Moments like this happen when you need them most.  They see you through the challenging times and they also inspire you to keep on paying it forward.


  1. My friend shared that guardian 'what you can do to help' link also. I like the idea of the welcome dinners, although right now we aren't in the best health, I'm thinking once we've finally passed those first 6 months of crazy day care sickness, we should join or host a dinner. I'd love to welcome people to Australia, learn some more about other cultures and make some new friends. It's the least I can do.

  2. Great post, thank you so much


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